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Finish Your 3D Prints With Modifi3d

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by Anatol Locker
Oct 27, 2015

Got a desktop 3D printer? Then you know the printing errors that can occur. Kickstarter campaign “Modifi3D” want to give you the right tools to fix them.

Most 3D prints aren’t finished when they come out of the printer. They need extra treatment. Removing support material can be a pain. Filament strings have to be removed. Other prints can use a sandpaper treatment. And you know of the problems you encounter if you need to drill a hole in a finished 3D print.

There’s no “app for that”, but a Kickstarter project. “Modifi3d” offers a heated 3D tool. It is designed to finish, repair and modify 3D printed parts and wants to replace much of the sanding, scraping and snapping to finish off your 3D prints. 

The Kickstarter price for the “Modifi3D” is $15 or €14.

Imagine an USB Solding Iron for 3D Printing

Modifi3d looks a bit like a soldering iron. When you plug it into an USB port, the tip heats up in just 15 seconds. Then you can start working with PLA, ABS, Nylon and other 3D printing materials.

The pen like form of MODIFI3D should make it comfortable to use and easy to control when precision is important.

The cooldown period is around 30 seconds. If you don‘t used the Modifi3d pen, it will go into sleep mode. A basic stand is included; there also are downloadable 3D files so you can print your own tool holder.

Four Interchangable Tips

Interchangeable tips make it easy to choose the right tool for the job. If you want to remove a large section or blend a fine detail, there’s a tip for most of the job.

1. Needle Tip


Great for clearing small holes or for detailed layer refinements in hard to reach places.

2. Point Tip


General purpose tip for larger internal features and holes. Can even be used for making holes after printing.

3. Scoop Tip


Perfect to remove stringing and imperfections from inside holes or recesses. Can also be used to blend surfaces where blobs have appeared.

4. Knife Tip


Cutting and removing sections including the removal of supports, brims, and rafts from your 3D print.

What We Think Of The Modifi3d Kickstarter Campaign

If you don’t have a stocked toolshed, this tool should solve the most common problems with 3D prints. For $15, it`s not overpriced.

Currently, the campaign is fully funded with 736 backers and has 23 days to go.

The Kickstarter 3D printing campaign was started by Steelmans in the UK. They are specialists in engineering, design and manufacture of precision industrial equipment. They are in the business for over 30 years. The tool is already CE marked.

They will deliver the first batch in January 2015, which is okay.

Obviously, no one has used the modifi3d tool before. There may be quirks and flaws we don’t know of, but by looking at the stats we think it’s an interesting offer for a reasonable price.

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