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Bring Back the TRIO! With Some 3D Printing Help


The Trio chocolate bar, one of the UK’s most loved chocolate bars from the 1980’s, is set for a comeback. But, if you can’t wait then check out RichRap’s version of the Trio!

If you haven’t heard of it, the Trio chocolate bar was originally made by Jacob’s, but what made it so special was the taste – it had chocolate, biscuit and a toffee taste too. YouMagine user, Richard Horne, known as RichRap, said: “When you bit into that as a child, it was fantastic.”

However, the Trio chocolate bars have not been available for some time now but after a high demand and even a Facebook page demanding their return – they’re back 13 years after being discontinued!

The chocolate bar will be back on shelves from March 1st but only for a limited time. But don’t worry, RichRap has come up with a permanent solution and took matters into his own hands.

He said: “Anyone that remembers opening their lunch box and seeing just the treat that they wanted will know what I’m experiencing and what I was trying to get back to with resurrecting this chocolate bar.”

How Was The Trio Chocolate Bar Resurrected?

In order to create the Trio in the way it is fondly remembered, RichRap decided to use flexible filaments to 3D print a mold which could then be used to make his favorite chocolate bars again.

In order to do this, he created a 3D model which he then used to create a mold, made out of Filaflex. He decided to choose the clear option due to the lack of additives and its food safe properties. From this, he created a couple of caramel molds for the inside of the chocolate bar.

For the outer mold, he decided to create prints of the actual chocolate bar in the size which he remembered it to be from his childhood. He then stuck these prints to a 3D printed box and used skin and food safe silicone to create the molds.


RichRap then created his chocolate bars by putting melted chocolate into the molds, followed by little bits of caramel, a shortcake biscuit and finally, more chocolate on top. You can watch RichRap’s first taste of his creation in the video below!

But don’t worry if you aren’t up for the challenge of creating your own molds from scratch, just make sure to stack up on the original Trio bars when they hit the shelves next month!