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Biz Eyes: Wacky 3D Printed Glasses for a Distinctive Look

Biz Eyes

Face furniture moves into the 21st century with these crazy 3D printed glasses from Biz Eyes. Four eyes are better than two!

biz eyes2Kooky and cute, this new line of 3D printed frames from Biz Eyes are guaranteed to brighten up your look.

Styles range from bright pink spikes to structural white plates, and they’re all interchangeable on a single pair of frames, so that modifying the shape of your glasses is as easy as changing the case on your phone.

Biz Eyes is the brainchild of Nasim Sehat, a designer and architect. She says of her work: “My design is inspired by expressionism and minimalism, naïve art and the dynamic culture of the modern metropolis.”

Sehat learnt 3D printing techniques at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in Barcelona. But, according to her website, she’s now based in Shanghai, where she’s “exploring the chaos, weirdness and beauty of the Far East.”

How do Biz Eyes Work?

biz eyesBiz Eyes are made of two parts: a transparent base frame, where your prescription lenses sit, and the faceplates, which are printed out of custom dyed white nylon and resin.

The faceplates can be easily swapped by simply turning the attachment 25 degrees and screwing on another piece, so that having different looks for each eye is also possible.

The whole idea is based around the concept of modular eyewear, so although you can have wacky plates, if you would rather something customised and tame, this is also available.

You are now able to preorder Biz Eyes with prices ranging from $95 to $120. The glasses can be shipped internationally, so everyone across the globe can enjoy their own customised look.

Sehat claims Biz Eyes are a “daring and cosmopolitan means of expressing your own individuality.” If you’d like to continue being daring, perhaps you should consider pairing these frames with some 3D printed shoes, or even a dress too!