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Bholdable Cup

Bhold Cups in white (source: i.Materialise)
Bholdable Cups in white (source: i.Materialise)

We are used to the usual ceramic tea mug designs, but nothing like Bholdable Cup. This 3D printed cup has a dual-wall design that uses an air buffer to cool your hands, and at the same time keep your drink hot. It is a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetic touch with its curved-out circular holes on the outer wall. These cut-outs can be used for extra grip and also quickens evaporation after washing.

The Bholdable Cup takes the tea drinking experience to another new level. It represents aesthetics, functionality and style; all combined in one cup. The cup could be great for use at restaurants or even at home. The reason why Bholdable Cup is so different from the traditional cups is because, first, it is double-walled ceramic. Second, it does not have a handle like other cups. Instead, you can use the cut-outs for extra grip of the cup.

Bholdable Cup is on display and in store at the Museum of Arts and Design. The designer of this stylish tea cups is Bhold. The Bholdable Cups are ceramic pieces available in an array of colors and in single shot and double shot size. The single shot cup costs 80 Euros plus VAT, the double shot cup cost 90 Euros.

Buy the double shot cup from i.Materialise

Buy the single shot cup from i.Materialise