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21 Best YouTube Channels About 3D Printing

best youtube channels

Want to see some smart folks doing clever things with 3D printing? Here’s a list of the best YouTube channels about 3D printing.

No doubt about it, YouTube features some of the most informative and entertaining content about 3D printing on the magical electronic interwebs.

Whether you’re looking for 3D printing tutorials, tips and tricks, product reviews, cool projects, or just general goofing off, here’s a list of the best YouTube channels about 3D printing you can watch.

Please note, this list is ordered according to the number of subscribers. We’ll be updating the list with fresh additions in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned.

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Name Subscribers Video Views Uploads Country Date Created Channel
I Like To Make Stuff 946,889 49,372,525 158 United States Feb 6th, 2013 YouTube Channel
Barnacules Nerdgasm 798,873 84,220,123 564 United States Jul 20th, 2006 YouTube Channel
XRobots 424,819 111,004,021 401 United Kingdom Sep 23rd, 2006 YouTube Channel
Punished Props 127,002 7,007,630 473 United States Dec 23rd, 2011 YouTube Channel
MakeAnything 45,599 5,332,684 39 United States Apr 16th, 2014 YouTube Channel
Thomas Sanladerer 45,147 4,308,486 189 Germany Jun 14th, 2013 YouTube Channel
3D Printing Nerd 42,731 2,514,069 259 United States Apr 3rd, 2015 YouTube Channel
Maker's Muse 36,722 3,220,482 234 Australia Dec 30th, 2013 YouTube Channel
Print That Thing 13,618 1,020,736 42 United States May 11th, 2014 YouTube Channel
CHEP 3D Printing 12,142 783,714 171 United States Mar 7th, 2010 YouTube Channel
Sexy Cyborg 11,233 785,993 18 China May 12th, 2016 YouTube Channel
Kirby Downey 9,880 728,588 63 United Kingdom Aug 7th, 2013 YouTube Channel
RichRap 7,415 1,224,545 84 United Kingdom May 20th, 2011 YouTube Channel
FNTSMN 7,077 705,809 151 United Kingdom Oct 26th, 2007 YouTube Channel
The Hot End 6,889 318,722 133 Australia Jun 17th, 2015 YouTube Channel
Hoffman Engineering 5,437 873,313 89 United States May 18th, 2014 YouTube Channel
Daniel Norée 4,104 511,352 120 Sweden Dec 22nd, 2011 YouTube Channel
A Pyro Design 3,903 605,979 77 United States Sep 1st, 2006 YouTube Channel
Chaos Core Tech 3,887 289,349 136 United States Aug 4th, 2015 YouTube Channel
3D Print - Tech Design 3,783 353,352 149 Sweden Aug 15th, 2010 YouTube Channel
Neatherbot 3,419 440,684 53 United States Apr 25th, 2013 YouTube Channel

Best YouTube Channels About 3D Printing #1: I Like To Make Stuff

best youtube channels

Host: Bob Claget

Location: United States

Who’s Watching? Makers looking beyond 3D printing technology and also into woodworking, metalworking, electronics, and more.

Number of Subscribers: 946,889

Although 3D printing technology plays an integral role in this extremely popular YouTube Channel, “I Like To Make Stuff” combines a number of manufacturing techniques to create unbelievable projects. Claget covers everything from Arduino to casting patterns, sprinkling 3D printing technology in when it’s necessary. His vast range of unique projects include a pudding gun, arcade cabinets, snack machines, and much more.

Total Videos: 158

Most Popular Video: How to make a secret door / bookcase (5.474.210 views)

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Best YouTube Channels About 3D Printing #2: Barnacules Nerdgasm

best youtube channels

Host: Jerry Berg

Location: United States

Who’s Watching? Anyone with an interest in 3D printing, gaming, cosplay, geek culture, and retro technology.

Number of Subscribers: 798,873

As the name implies, Barnacules is a colorful personality. His channel is a mixture of passion projects like a 3D printed stormtrooper outfit, reviews of the latest tech and games, and personal interludes such as being laid off from his job at Microsoft after 15 years or his fitness goals to lose weight. The man has a lot of energy, plus a scattershot sense of humor, and his fans love him for it.

Total Videos: 564

Most Popular Video: Best Gaming Room Tour v2.0 PC, XBOX, Racing Sim, Huge Screens, 3D Printer Much More (2.795.669 views)

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Best YouTube Channels About 3D Printing #3: XRobots

best youtube channels

Host: James Bruton

Location: United Kingdom

Who’s Watching? Intermediate to advanced users looking to utilize 3D printing to create costumes, cosplay, and robotics.

Number of Subscribers: 424,819

James Bruton’s YouTube Channel offers you comprehensive multi-part instructional videos on how to make a variety of robots and cosplay costumes. Sponsored by LulzBot, XRobots is ideal for those looking to complete ambitious build projects that requires more than just hitting the print button. From the BB-8 robot from Star Wars to Iron Man cosplay, Bruton’s channel will help comic book and sci-fi lovers make the most of their 3D printer.

Total Videos: 401

Most Popular Video: How to Build an Iron Man Helmet & Suit, Moulding, Casting, 3D Printing, Electronics (24.911.003 views)

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Best YouTube Channels About 3D Printing #4: Punished Props

best youtube channels

Hosts: Bill and Brittany Doran

Location: United States

Who’s Watching? Those looking to integrate 3D printing technology into the production of high-end cosplay and props.

Number of Subscribers: 127,002

This popular YouTube Channel run by husband and wife duo Bill and Brittany Doran is perhaps the best place on YouTube to learn how to create your favorite props from a variety of video games, TV shows, and movies. From 3D modeling props to giving them a metallic finish, the Doran family will have you walking around in 3D printed armor in no time.

Total Videos: 473

Most Popular Video: Destiny Hand Cannon Foam Prop (642.654 views)

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Best YouTube Channels About 3D Printing #5: Make Anything

best youtube channels

Host: Devin Montes

Location: United States

Who’s Watching? Beginner to intermediate desktop 3D printer users looking to explore the possibilities of what can be done with 3D printing technology.

Number of Subscribers: 45,599

This YouTube Channel is ideal for anyone looking for creative ideas to implement with their desktop 3D printer. Whether you want to 3D print functional hair clippers or learn how to fix warped PLA prints, Make Anything has what you’re looking for. Host Devin Montes does a little bit of everything, showing followers how to create and print optical illusions, upgrade 3D printers, integrate virtual reality into 3D printing, and much more. Make Anything is the essential channel for the novice or intermediate maker looking to make optimal use of their desktop 3D printer.

Total Videos: 39

Most Popular Video: Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion // How it Works (3.327.958 views)

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Best YouTube Channels About 3D Printing #6: Thomas Sanladerer

best youtube channels

Host: Thomas Sanladerer

Location: Germany

Who’s Watching? Perfect for prosumers who want a hands-on look at how to make the most of their 3D printing experience, from build kit to filament.

Number of Subscribers: 45,147

Thomas Sanladerer’s YouTube Channel is loaded with informative videos on the latest consumer products from across the industry. In his recurring “Tom’s Review” segment, Sanladerer offers unbiased reviews on everything under the sun, from desktop 3D printers to specialized filaments. In addition, “Tom’s Guide” episodes feature hands-on lessons on every facet of 3D printing you could imagine, including building kits, heated print beds, calibration, and much more.

Total Videos: 189

Most Popular Video: Setting up auto bed tramming leveling tilt compensation! (172.440 views)

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Best YouTube Channels About 3D Printing #7: 3D Printing Nerd

best youtube channels

Host: Joel Telling

Location: United States

Who’s Watching? Those looking to learn the wonders of 3D printing technology from a humorous and exciting perspective.

Number of Subscribers: 42,731

With one of the most popular YouTube Channels centered around 3D printing technology, Joel Telling is a self-admitted nerd who loves to create and educate. Whether you’re looking for fun 3D models suitable for the whole family or in-depth 3D printer reviews, 3D Printing Nerd has all of that and more. What makes Telling’s show particularly unique is his humorous approach and undying passion for 3D printing technology, of both which shines through on every single episode.

Total Videos: 259

Most Popular Video: Assembling a 3D printed gun – the Hawkmoon from Destiny (158.126 views)

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Best YouTube Channels About 3D Printing #8: Maker’s Muse

best youtube channels

Host: Angus Deveson

Location: Australia

Who’s Watching? Beginners looking to get educate themselves on every aspect of 3D printing, from learning what printer is right for you to the functioning of your slicer.

Number of Subscribers: 36,722

When the time comes for you to make the critical decision of what 3D printer, 3D scanner, or software is right for you, Angus Deveson’s Maker’s Muse YouTube Channel is here to save the day. Focused on providing unbiased and comprehensive reviews, Maker’s Muse tests out everything from 3D printers to filaments. The additive manufacturing expert also provides insight on how to optimize the 3D printing experience, showing his viewers how to properly prepare the CAD, slicer, printing process and beyond.

Total Videos: 234

Most Popular Video: Make your 3D Printed parts look professional with Acetone and a Rice cooker! (172.229 views)

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Best YouTube Channels About 3D Printing #9: Print That Thing

best youtube channels

Host: Jwall

Location: United States

Who’s Watching? Beginners looking to learn about design and 3D printing in an edgy and humorous light.

Number of Subscribers: 13,618

If you’re looking to have a bit of fun while learning to harness the magic behind 3D modeling and printing, you need to check out Jwall’s “Print That Thing” YouTube Channel. From sex toys to cat armor, this exuberant maker manages to make you laugh while you learn. In these videos, Jwall also explores the outer confines of 3D printing technology, sharing information on unique topics with his viewers.

Total Videos: 42

Most Popular Video: Vaginas, Robots, & 3D Printers (448.242 views)

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Best YouTube Channels About 3D Printing #10: CHEP 3D Printing

best youtube channels

Host: Chuck Hellebuyck

Location: United States

Who’s Watching? Beginners looking to learn it all, from the first stage of design to the finished product on the print bed.

Number of Subscribers: 12,142

What CHEP 3D Printing host Chuck Hellebuyck lacks in humor and outspokenness, he more than makes up with in knowledge. When it comes to 3D printing education, his YouTube show doesn’t leave a stone unturned. His comprehensive lessons seem more like a university course than a YouTube Channel, and his expertise gleams on the weekly “Filament Friday” segment. This show is geared towards those that want to go beyond the basics of 3D printing and gain a better understanding of what the technology has to offer.

Total Videos: 171

Most Popular Video: Metal Inserts on a 3D Print (52.238 views)

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Best YouTube Channels About 3D Printing #11: Sexy Cyborg

best youtube channels

Host: Naomi Wu

Location: China

Who’s Watching? 3D printing enthusiasts and techies looking for a cultural experience from a gorgeously intelligent female maker in China.

Number of Subscribers: 11,233

At first impression, you might think that the Sexy Cyborg Naomi Wu has over 10,000 subscribers solely based on her pretty looks, but watch one episode and you’ll realize her brain is more endearing than her beauty. Sexy Cyborg is different from most 3D printing YouTube Channels; Wu gives unique cultural insight into the life of the female maker from Shenzhen, China, taking viewers through her everyday life as she builds 3D printers, creates unique outfits, and tours makerspaces and 3D printing cafes throughout her hometown.

Total Videos: 18

Most Popular Video: Infinity Skirt Build (321.178 views)

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Best YouTube Channels About 3D Printing #12: Kirby Downey

best youtube channels

Host: Kirby Downey

Location: United Kingdom

Who’s Watching? Beginners to intermediate 3D printing users looking to produce props and weapons from their favorite video games.

Number of Subscribers: 9,880

If you happen to be equally enthused by 3D printing technology and gaming, then Kirby Downey’s self-titled YouTube Channel was made for you. The London-based designer shows you how to build your favorite props and weapons from scratch, and focuses on popular gaming titles like Overwatch and Destiny. The objects that Downey creates can all be downloaded on MyMiniFactory and printed alongside his instructional videos.

Total Videos: 63

Most Popular Video: Timelapse Of Thunderlord Replica from Destiny for 3D Printing (266.439 views)

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Best YouTube Channels About 3D Printing #13: RichRap

best youtube channels

Host: Richard Horne

Location: United Kingdom

Who’s Watching? Those who live by the code of open source, whether you own RepRap or wish to build one, this channel is for you.

Number of Subscribers: 7,415

The RichRap YouTube Channel was created for open source loving RepRap owners; those who like to build, hack, create, and innovate. Richard Horne does more than just build RepRap kits and review them, however. Many of his episodes are centered around experimentation with printer components and materials. From developing multi-color printing capabilities at home, to his adorable “Dad and Daughter Kit Build” series, the RichRap video series is perfect for those looking to venture on the open source side of 3D printing.

Total Videos: 84

Most Popular Video: RepRap 3DR Delta 3D printer (286.371 views)

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Best YouTube Channels About 3D Printing #14: FNTSMN

best youtube channels

Host: Simone Fontana

Location: United Kingdom

Who’s Watching? Design-savvy individuals looking for guidance from one of the most respected 3D designers in the 3D printing community.

Number of Subscribers: 7,077

On Simone Fontana’s FNTSMN YouTube Channel, viewers can expect to learn about the entire 3D printing process, from unboxing the printer for the first time to finishing prints with color. The 3D designer has no boundaries to his creations, showcasing a variety of projects that include gaming cosplay, 3D printed skateboards, and much more.

Total Videos: 151

Most Popular Video: Fiora Baguette for Soaz from Origen Team! (76.655 views)

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Best YouTube Channels About 3D Printing #15: The Hot End

best youtube channels

Host: Anthony Martin

Location: Australia

Who’s Watching? Beginner to expert level 3D print enthusiasts looking to expand their knowledge on every aspect of the technology.

Number of Subscribers: 6,889

Perhaps the strangest of all 3D printing YouTube Channels, Anthony Martin and his co-host/father John know how to give some badass 3D printer reviews. With each episode filled with heavy rock music and fiery graphics, The Hot End is what you’d imagine a 3D printing show run by tattooed motorcyclists to look like. For all of their wacky antics, the Martin family is as knowledgeable as any when it comes to making the most out of desktop 3D printing technology.

Total Videos: 133

Most Popular Video: A brief look at Simplify 3D ! Is it worth it? (18.896 views)

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Best YouTube Channels About 3D Printing #16: Hoffman Engineering

best youtube channels

Host: Christopher Hoffman

Location: United States

Who’s Watching? Beginner to intermediate users looking to gain knowledge on mechanical engineering and digital fabrication as a whole, from 3D scanning to 3D printing.

Number of Subscribers: 5,437

Hoffman Engineering is the ideal YouTube Channel for the mechanical engineer looking to get more out of their 3D printer. Christopher Hoffman covers everything from CAD software to specialized filaments, showing viewers how to optimize every aspect of the 3D printing experience. His projects are comprehensive and informative, perfect for anyone looking to utilize 3D printing, 3D scanning, and electronics to create functional objects.

Total Videos: 89

Most Popular Video: 3D Scanning At Home Using an Xbox Kinect (163.139 views)

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Best YouTube Channels About 3D Printing #17: Daniel Norée

best youtube channels

Host: Daniel Norée

Location: Sweden

Who’s Watching? 3D designers and enthusiastic makers looking for ideas on how to take their 3D printing experience to the next level.

Number of Subscribers: 4,104

This YouTube Channel was created for designers and hobbyists looking to take their functional 3D printing abilities to the next level. From 3D printers to filaments, Daniel Norée shows viewers the step-by-step process he undertakes as a 3D designer and R/C car enthusiast. His most engaging segment, “Build With Me”, the Swedish designer shows viewers how to 3D print and assembles a functional R/C cars.

Total Videos: 120

Most Popular Video: Fully assembled 3D printable wrench (66.515 views)

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Best YouTube Channels About 3D Printing #18: A Pyro Design

best youtube channels

Host: Travis Womack

Location: United States

Who’s Watching? Graphic designers or lighthearted makers looking to take their skills to the next level (or dimension).

Number of Subscribers: 3,903

This unique YouTube Channel hosted by experienced animator Travis Womack is centered around bringing “Logos to Life” by 3D printing them. Each episode starts off by transforming the logo into a 3D model and ends with a lively and colorful 3D print. Most of these projects make for great introductory lessons on how to take your art or design work into the third dimension.

Total Videos: 77

Most Popular Video: Logos to Life Board Games (9.587 views)

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Best YouTube Channels About 3D Printing #19: Chaos Core Tech

best youtube channels

Host: Garrett Kearney

Location: United States

Who’s Watching? Beginner to intermediate 3D printer users wishing to learn more about utilizing CAD and producing high quality finishes for 3D prints.

Number of Subscribers: 3,887

Whether you’re looking to turn a sketch into a 3D model or find optimal finishing techniques, “Chaos Core Tech” is packed with videos detailing useful and delightful projects. Experienced programmer and host Garrett Kearney uses 3D printing technology to build robots, various props, and more. From the CAD process to adding a paint finish to the 3D print, this channel will direct you through the entire process.

Total Videos: 136

Most Popular Video: 3D Printed Citron from Plants Vs Zombies: GW 2 (19.858 views)

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Best YouTube Channels About 3D Printing #20: 3D Print – Tech Design

best youtube channels

Host: Anton Månsson

Location: Sweden

Who’s Watching? Beginners looking to learn every step of the maker process, from CAD to final print.

Number of Subscribers: 3,783

This is a great YouTube Channel for those who looking combine their creative potential with 3D printing and 3D scanning technology. Anton Månsson provides “CAD-along” instructional videos, in-depth explorations of specialized 3D printing filaments, and even shows you how to make the most of your 3D printer’s functions.

Total Videos: 149

Most Popular Video: Artec EVA 3D-scanner – Unboxing and Start Up (27.025 views)

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Best YouTube Channels About 3D Printing #21: Neatherbot

best youtube channels

Host: Austin Neathery

Location: United States

Who’s Watching? Intermediate to expert users looking to take their 3D printing hardware up a notch, from hot ends to cooling fans.

Number of Subscribers: 3,419

Not only does this YouTube Channel deal with the inner workings of 3D printing technology, Austin Neathery also shows you how to integrate your designs with Arduino and other devices in a step by step process. The NeatherBot channel has a number of episodes geared towards beginners, but a majority of then involve more advanced lessons that focus on subjects such as integrating electronics with 3D printing. Outside of his knack for innovation and flying drones, Neathery is also an adequate source of information on 3D printer components, filaments, and other ways to upgrade your desktop device.

Total Videos: 53

Most Popular Video: Review Ninjaflex Filament (136.479 views)

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