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Memory Cards

12 Awesome DIY SD Card Holders & SD Card Cases to 3D Print

Picture ofAlexander Klarmann
by Alexander Klarmann
Published Aug 4, 2015

Do you need a place to stash those memory cards? Here’s a selection of awesome DIY SD card holders and SD card cases to 3D print, whether on your desk or on the move.

Secure Digital (SD) cards are a marvelous invention. They’re absolutely tiny, and yet their storage capacity grows bigger and bigger with every passing year. Also important, they’re more affordable than they’ve ever been. It’s Moore’s Law in action.

But a problem that persists is — funnily enough — physical storage. How do you keep your SD cards safe, exactly? If you have more than one and they’re not safely tucked inside a device, there’s always a chance of misplacing the little critters.