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12 Awesome SD Card Holders to 3D Print

sd card holder

Do you need a place to stash those memory cards? Here’s a selection of awesome SD card holders to 3D print, whether on your desk or on the move.

Secure Digital (SD) cards are a marvellous invention. They’re absolutely tiny, and yet their storage capacity grows bigger and bigger with every passing year. Also important, they’re more affordable than they’ve ever been. It’s Moore’s Law in action.

But a problem that persists is — funnily enough — physical storage. How do you keep your SD cards safe, exactly? If you have more than one and they’re not safely tucked inside a device, there’s always a chance of misplacing the little critters.

You can always put them in the little translucent plastic boxes they come in, but that’s booooring. A better option is to 3D print a custom container to keep them safe and secure. Here’s a list of our favourites.

SD Card Holder #1: Classic 3×5 SD Card Case


Archive your SD Cards in any standard 3×5 file card box. This design lets you arrange the SD cards in order, together with notes regarding their contents so nothing gets lost. Thingiverse Download.

SD Card Holder #2: Cylindrical Memory Card Container


Remember when, back in the day, we took photographs on film? And that film was stored in little round cannisters? Well, this design is a callback to those days. Fully customisable, and can fit Compact Flash, SD, and mini/micro SD cards. YouMagine Download.

SD Card Holder #3: SD Card Holder Box


If you need to stash your cards for long term storage, this 3D printed box can hold 4 x SD cards and 4 x micro SD cards. It’s available in black or white, and is also stackable. Shapeways Purchase.

SD Card Holder #4:  Mnenom Hinged Card Holder


A flat storage card holder with a hinge, which holds 4 standard size SD cards. It’s small, compact, and quite adorable. You have to print two separate parts, which snap neatly together. Thingiverse Download.

SD Card Holder #5: Memory Card Holder Tray


The name won’t win any prizes for creativity, but this desktop organizer will keep your workspace tidy. It holds a whopping 9 SD cards, 7 Micros SD cards, 4 sim cards, 3 micro sim cards, and 4 USB Sticks. YouMagine Download.

SD Card Holder #6: Expandable Swiss Army Style SD Holder


The stuff that dreams are made of. It’s a Swiss Army Knife, but instead of blades it holds SD cards. And it’s expandable! It’s kinda like a metaphor for living in the 21st century. Thingiverse Download.

SD Card Holder #7: SD Wallet Card


Another flat SD storage card holder, designed to be inserted into your wallet or purse. Perfect for storage on the move, and saves you from scrabbling around in the bottom of your bag when searching for a particular memory card. YouMagine Download.

SD Card Holder #8: Personal Cloud Storage


Because everyone should have a cloud of their own. This rinky dink desk tidy comes in the shape of a nice fluffy cloud, so you can make not-at-all obvious jokes about personal cloud storage. Ha Ha! Thingiverse Download.

SD Card Holder #9: Keyring Storage Holder


We reckon having your SD cards dangling on a key-ring is a risky proposition. But this one’s for the devil-may-care folks among you, who just wanna flaunt their memory cards and the consequences be damned. YouMagine Download.

SD Card Holder #10: SD and Micro SD Key Fob


What? Another key fob for storing SD cards? This is madness! Sheer madness! Shapeways Purchase.

SD Card Holder #11: Memory Ornament


For the most precious memories you always want to keep close to your heart, there is the Memory Ornament. With capacity for a pair of SD cards, there’s room enough for the memories of a lifetime, from the cradle to the grave. YouMagine Download.

SD Card Holder #12: Precious Snowflake


Last, but not least, we have a winter themed desk tidy in the shape of a snowflake. With room for six SD cards, you can stay organized as you download your family holiday photos. Thingiverse Download.

So, that’s our list of 3D printed SD card holders. What do you reckon? Let us know in the comments below.

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