Featured image of Artists Drzach and Suchy Create Beautiful 3D Printed “Shadow Cloud”
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Artists Drzach and Suchy Create Beautiful 3D Printed “Shadow Cloud”

The Shadow Cloud by Drzach and Suchy is a 3D printed art piece which casts unusual shadows depending on the angle of illumination.

Do you enjoy spotting shapes in the clouds? Drzach and Suchy are two Swiss artists who’ve created an object which allows you to choose, rather than imagine, shapes in clouds.

To see it you need to hold the 3D printed shape up to the light, and a shadow of an image will appear on the wall. The shape of the shadow is determined by the encoded 3D printed cloud. Within the one object, it’s possible to encode up to four different shadows.

Drzach and Suchy explain on their website:

“The idea of shadow clouds can be summarized as follows: the shadow cast by flat, thin elements depends on their relation to the direction of illumination: elements perpendicular to illumination cast clear shadows, while the shadows of elements parallel to illumination are practically invisible.”

Thanks to the accuracy offered by 3D printing technology, it’s possible to merge different designs and images. As a result, absolutely any shape or text can be made visible in the shadows.

Use Shadow Clouds to Say I Love You

The Shadow Cloud is one of the most recent 3D printed projects from the duo. Another is the 3D printed “Haiku”, which also has a concealed message. The haiku only becomes visible when submerged in water.

Drzach is an architect and cryptographer, while Suchy is a software engineer. Their combined expertise is a big advantage when creating these stunning art pieces with a twist.

If you’d like to purchase your own Shadow Cloud to tell someone you love them, as seen in the image below, then head to the Drzach and Suchy shop.

Drzach and Suchy also have several other projects which are certainly worth checking out. Visit their website or YouTube channel to see more.

Source: i.materialise

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