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PrintYourMind3D Launch Contest for Students to Solve Waste PLA Problem

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by Hanna Watkin
Oct 11, 2018

PrintYourMind3D, the Canadian 3D print reseller, has launched a contest aimed at Alberta students which hopes to tackle 3D printer waste with new innovative disposal methods. 

Although we’ve previously questioned whether 3D printing will save our planet, there’s no denying that the waste produced by the technology, when not dealt with properly, can be harmful to the environment. It also builds up fast.

For this reason, PrintYourMind3D, the 3D print reseller based in Calgary, Canada, has launched a new contest. It’s aimed at students in grade 10 to 12 in Alberta. The contestants are required to come up with new ways of disposing of 3D print waste effectively.

PrintYourMind3D explains: “This competition aims to utilize 3D printed waste filament as an opportunity to educate students about the importance of sustainable development, technology and practices. Furthermore, we challenge students to propose creative and innovative ways to recycle or reuse waste filament in their local community.”


What’s Required of the Alberta Students?

The challenge involves developing and proposing a plan which can be used to convert, reuse or recycle wasted PLA material. This could result in a new useful tool or product or a workable conversion method.

The students can take inspiration from previous or current methods or come up with something new. Either way, PrintYourMind3D explains that students need to show precisely how their plan is possible. This means writing out a detailed method description as well as including a budget and bill of materials.

Furthermore, students need to explain how their method is different from existing products or recycling methods and how it will find use in the real world. Kids are the future, but this is tricky even for those working with 3D printing in the present.

Thankfully, students have time to think about their approach and work on the method as winners won’t be awarded until June 2019. A panel of recycling industry experts will judge submissions. They’ll be judging the ideas on feasibility, novelty, impact, challenges or limitations, and the overall presentation.

The chosen finalists will then be invited to build a prototype of their method at a final event. Finally, after all of that, the winners will receive an Ultimaker 2+ desktop 3D printer.

To stay up to date with this contest, make sure to follow PrintYourMind3D on Twitter.

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