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From recycled plastic to a lampshade collection

3D Printed Lampshade Collection Made from Recycled Plastic

Picture of Rocío Jaimes Gutierrez
by Rocío Jaimes Gutierrez
Dec 16, 2019

From plastic pollution to energy-efficient lighting accessories: Plumen and Batch.works have united forces to bring this lampshade collection made from recycled plastic.

Plumen, a London-based company, approaches energy-efficient lighting by creating stylish low-energy bulbs and lamps. In its latest design collaboration, Plumen has united forces with Batch.works to bring a sustainable design together with additive manufacturing potential in the form of a 3D printed lampshade collection.

Since 2016, Batch.works motto has been to make 3D printed consumer products part of people’s everyday life. “We used recycled and responsibly sourced material to make our products-either from sugarcane starch or recycled packaging,” states the Batch.works’ site.

With a price of  £149, the Neo lamp design is based on the geometric Art Deco era. Made from recycled plastic PET bottles, it features two shapes stacked on top of one another. Neo is thought for any space where you need atmospheric light and a well-lit surface.

Neo by Matthias Lauche. (Source: Plumen)

The Ribbon model features a bent surface with a prominent light bulb called Wilma. At a price of  £199, the design uses the characteristic 3D printing lines to create an effect of a textile wrapping around the light. Like Neo, it is made out of PET bottles.

Both designs are available in black and white but can be produced in different colors by request. New models are expected to come in 2020.

The Plumen collection, “inspired by everything from the Bauhaus to geometric forms of the Art Deco Era,” also brings 3D printed shades made of recycled plastic that would otherwise end in landfills.

Ribbon, created by Bold. (Source: Plumen)

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