Pancake Maker

3D printed pancake maker – a big hit with children and adults

3d pancake printer

Goodbye batter splatters and drips. Hello sophisticated pancake art! The PancakeBot, the world’s first 3D pancake printer, is making headlines by encouraging children and adults to play with their food. The latest technology combines engineering, art, programming, and food manufacturing in a thoughtful (and delicious) way.

Perfect for trade shows, cafes, restaurants, and parties, the PancakeBot is well on its way to being successfully funded through crowdfunding website Kickstarter. To date, it quadrupled its original $50,000 goal, and from the looks of it, will continue to raise money for the remaining 19 days left in its campaign.

How it works

The PancakeBot has a user-friendly software that allows a person to design a pancake in whatever size, shape, and shading they desire. The software creates a file and the 3D printing pancake maker takes care of the technical side of things. It draws the image with pancake batter which is added to a hot grill.

What can be printed?

Pancake printer in action (source: PancakeBot)
Pancake printer in action (source: PancakeBot)

There are a number of designs that the PancakeBot prints. Here are a few ideas that are suggested by the creator of the invention:

  • a piece of art
  • a character
  • a child’s drawing
  • a product image
  • a company logo
  • a team logo
  • and much more

Favorite images are saved to a SD card so they can be printed, eaten, and enjoyed over and over. There’s no additional tracing involved which makes it easy to mass-produce specific pancake images for large events.

What does it cost?

The Manufacturer’s Retail Sale Price (MRSP) of the PancakeBot is $299. Early backers on Kickstarter are offered a huge discount of up to 50% off the price of the new technology. Estimated delivery of the PancakeBot is July 2015. People are acting quickly so they can take part in a revolutionary way to create food art that people eat, love, and recommend to others.