3D Printed Minions Chess Set for Movie Fans

3D Printed Minions Chess Set
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This 3D printed Minions chess set is a winner in our books. Print your own movie memorabilia, and become a chess grandmaster in the process.

With the prequel to Despicable Me about to hit the multiplex like a yellow-pill shaped atom bomb, we’ve picked some Minions memorabilia to celebrate the occasion. One of our favourites is this 3D printed Minions chess set created by Billy Sides for a competition in 2013. Each chess piece has an incredible amount of detail, and is a must for chess players and Minion fans alike.

The Minions movie comes out July 10th, 2015 and tells the story of Kevin, Stuart, and Bob’s quest to find a new evil employer. After travelling through the ages and several failed attempts, they encounter supervillianess Scarlet Overkill, and save all of Minionkind from complete annihilation.

3D Printed Minions Chess Set is For All Ages

3D printed Minions chess set
3D printed Minions chess set

Members of MyMiniFactory offers these STL printing files for free download. Print yours in time for opening night and teach your kids the rules of chess. Don’t be surprised, however, if they run off with the pieces to re-enact scenes from the movies by themselves.

Included in this batch are models for the King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Castle, and Pawn. Best of all, you get to choose which colour of filament you’d like to use for your 3D printed Minions chess set. Perhaps a shade of yellow would be best for one set, and blue for the other?

Even if you don’t have access to a 3D printer, don’t despair, you can always engage a 3D printing service to print the chess set on your behalf. You’d better act quickly, however. There are only a certain number of days left before school starts up again, and you’ll want your kids to learn the rules of this classic board game right away.