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3D Printed GoPro Camera Case Protects Drone During Crash

GoPro Camera Case

This American drone fanatic was having troubles with expensive GoPro camera case replacements after crashes. His 3D printed solution was a new Cheetah flexible filament.

Chuck Durham frequently flies his Flynoceros Orion drone as high as 150 feet and as fast as 70 miles per hour. He uses a GoPro camera in order to capture beautiful views from the sky.

The camera is mounted to the top of the drone but, the drone frequently experiences rough landings or crashes. This has caused several expensive GoPros to break. Durham has been unable to solve this irritating expense with cases made from ABS material. The plastic offered little protection whenever the drone crashed.

However, he now has a much better solution. Using his FlashForge Dreamer printer, he printed a GoPro camera case using Cheetah flexible filament. He decided to print a case designed to mount directly onto the drone.

He said: “Cheetah filament created a quick, durable mount for protecting my equipment.”

How to protect your GoPro drone

cameraAt 100% infill, the case had enough substance and flexibility to withstand and absorb impact. Now Chuck is able to fly his drone without worries, saving him hundreds of dollars in replacement costs.

Even when crashing, the camera and the GoPro camera case were not damaged. This puts the claims of 3D printer filament manufacturer Ninjatek to the test. They claim Cheetah’s impact strength is 84% greater than ABS. The filament is printable across all types of desktop 3D printers at ABS and PLA speeds.

The company suggests applications such as grips, guides, hinges, sleeves and snap-fit parts. The shore hardness of 95A means these prints also have a significantly greater impact strength than all widely used materials. Something to keep in mind the next time you need a hinge.

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(Source: Ninjatek)