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Dressed To Kill: 3D Printed Cat Armor

Cat Armor

If you’ve ever regretted choosing a cat to guard your home, rather than a dog, you now have the option of making your kitty more fierce.

A Thingiverse design, created by PrintThatThing, is a suit of armor specifically created for Bobo the cat.

Jwall, the designer and maker behind the Print That Thing, decided his cat shouldn’t be left out of the Halloween festivities so made the a CAD model for a 3D printable suit of cat armor.turn-your-cat-fearsome-warrior-3d-printed-cat-armor-courtesy-print-that-thing-7

Although Halloween has passed, Jwall is now asking for idea submissions for a helmet to complete the look.

Your designs should be posted to any of the site’s social media accounts and Jwall will 3D model and print the winner.

The designer of the best submission will also receive a 3D printed suit of cat armor, helmet included, for free.

How to Create Cat Armor

Jwall started off by drawing out what he wanted the armor to look like. He says on the YouTube video: “I suggested that it should have spikes because I always pet him in a reverse pattern so his hair’s all crazy and he looks like a spiky tiger.”

He used Cinema 4D software to create the 3D model that “took forever” as it consists of 18 parts. However, this now means you can download the design for free on Thingiverse and print the armor without any of the hard work!

Jwall took into consideration what your cat would need too – features include a special hole for attaching a lead, a name tag ring on the chest and a catnip holder in the front too.  The pieces can be fixed together using 3D printed parts alone or with brass connectors!

Are you tempted to create a cat suit of 3D printed armor so maybe your cat won’t need all nine lives?