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3D Hubs: Company Profile in 11 Facts

Looking for information on 3D Hubs? We‘ve accumulated the most important facts in this company profile.

11 Facts on 3D Hubs

1. Full Name

3D Hubs.

2. Company Information

Dubbed as the world’s largest and fastest growing network of 3D printers, 3D Hubs offers access to local and on-demand production by connecting everyone anywhere to nearby 3D printer owners. The network consists of more than 26,000 3D printing locations worldwide (Status January 2016) in over 150 countries, therefore providing over one billion people access to a 3D printer within 10 miles of their own homes. It’s a community which looks to accelerate the future of 3D printing in a number of different contexts.

3. History

Founded in 2013 by Dutch design engineers Brian and Bram, 3D Hubs was formed after their joint experience driving Freedom of Creation in 2009, the pioneering company that was the first to use 3D printing to produce actual end-products. After the acquisition by 3D Systems in 2011, they together became involved in the design and launch of a new consumer platform that has since raised millions in investments – and is arguably progressing the way in which consumers approach 3D printing technology around the world.

With an expanded team of 35 people across two offices in Amsterdam and New York, 3D Hubs approaches the Maker Movement through an optimistic approach to disrupting established manufacturing processes. It also brings together those interested in 3D printing via a strong and generous community.

4. Products

Rather than offering hardware options, 3D Hubs’ most important products come in the form of knowledge-sharing platforms.

3D Print

Bildschirmfoto 2016-01-20 um 11.13.26

The online 3D printing service which 3D Hubs delivers directs users to their closest listed ‘hub’. From the website, you can start a print, list your own printer, find a design to 3D print or even 3D print in HD.


Bildschirmfoto 2016-01-20 um 11.14.40

What can often make 3D printing difficult to access is a lack of understanding – which is why 3D Hubs offer an online forum platform as well as regular local Meetup events to promote knowledge sharing for 3D printing support.


Bildschirmfoto 2016-01-20 um 11.16.42

As a way to provide unbiased information about 3D printing around the world, 3D Hubs freely offer a tend report, as well as material and hardware guides to help their users create the best products.

5. Founders

Bram de Zwart and Brian Garret, April 2013

6. CEO

Bram de Zwart

7. Employees

11 – 50

8. Headquarters & Address

3D Hubs Amsterdam

Herengracht 182

1016BR Amsterdam


3D Hubs New York

1123 Broadway #501 (5th floor)

New York, NY 10010


9. Contact & Telephone

Email: [email protected]

Telephone (US): +1(347) 966-8024

Telephone (NL): +31 202 611 900

10. Website


11. Facebook & Social Media





Google plus

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