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What’s the Best 3D Printing Service in New York?

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by Leo Gregurić
Aug 24, 2019

Based in the Big Apple and looking for a way to manufacture custom parts? Stay tuned in order to discover the biggest 3D printing services in New York!

3D Printing Services in New York Get It Printed!

An FDM 3D printer going about its business.
An FDM 3D printer going about its business. (Source: starrapid.com)

3D printing services are ideal for those in need of 3D printed parts, but don’t have access to an in-house solution. In recent years, we’ve witnessed the rise of 3D printing services as more and more people recognize their potential.

It doesn’t matter if the client is an individual who needs only one part to be printed or a start-up on the lookout for a production partner capable of producing hundreds or even thousands of models, 3D printing services will do a great job of making quality custom parts in a matter of days at a reasonable price.

There’s a wide array of 3D printing services available in the Big Apple, so let’s take a look at some of the best ones!


3D Printing Services in New York Shapeways – The NY Giant

Shapeways' homepage.
Shapeways' homepage. (Source: Shapeways)

If you’ve ever embarked on a Google search for a 3D printing service, chances are you’ve stumbled upon Shapeways. Shapeways is one of the world’s leading 3D printing services, with over 10,000,000 parts printed. Shapeways offers more than ten different 3D printing technologies and more than 50 materials. They work with the cutting edge of cutting edge machines, meaning that the quality is top notch.

The company’s headquarters are in New York, but being so big, they’ve even got offices outside of New York, such as in the Netherlands.

Naturally, the website is also stunning and easy to use.


The quote generator is simple yet effective. But because Shapeways is the type of 3D printing service which offers the best of the best, their prices are higher than what you’d be charged for in a small local 3D printing service. The higher prices are still reasonable, however, since Shapeways is mostly used by professionals.

Shapeways delivers parts all around the world. To this day, the company has shipped parts to 130 countries. Looking to get in touch with Shapeways? Visit their website and contact the department you need.


3D Printing Services in New York Voodoo Manufacturing – 400,000 FDM Parts

Voodoo Manufacturing's stunning website.
Voodoo Manufacturing's stunning website. (Source: voodoomfg.com)

Voodoo Manufacturing is a New-York-based FDM 3D printing service with more than 200 3D printers working together to produce parts every day. Up to this point, Voodoo Manufacturing has delivered more than 400,000 parts.

The range of filaments available includes PLA, Semi-flex TPU, PETG, and Rigid TPU. Naturally, there’s a lot of colors to choose from. And thanks to a 3D printing farm of high-quality FDM 3D printers, Voodoo Manufacturing can print up to 10,000 parts for clients.

Voodoo’s website is a unique one: Lots of colors and big fonts make it a pleasure to use. It’s easy to find useful information and the quote generator is also snappy.


As we wanted to determine whether or not Voodoo’s quote is a competitive one, we decided to make a comparison with 3D Hubs, a globally-operating 3D printing service. Using the same model, material, and color, 3D Hubs quoted $10.49 while Voodoo Manufacturing quoted $13.39. As much as the parameters were set to be the same, the price also depends on shipping rates. Still, we think that the two quotes are competitive enough.

Voodoo Manufacturing offers free shipping on orders over $50 and ships worldwide. Customers can also save some money by requesting a longer lead time, which cuts down the price.

If you’re in New York and need to get several models made on an FDM 3D printer, contact Voodoo Manufacturing!


3D Printing Services in New York Makelab – Brooklyn's FDM, SLA, and DLS Hub

Makelab is a 3D printing service based in Brooklyn.
Makelab is a 3D printing service based in Brooklyn. (Source: makelab.nyc)

Makelab is a 3D printing service based in Brooklyn, New York. If it’s FDM, SLA, or DLS you’re looking for, Makelab has it. There are many materials on offer, from PLA and PETG in various colors to all sorts of resins, such as standard, elastic, castable wax, and tough resin. For DLS, there’s a strong and precise nylon.

Apart from doing business out of a great 3D printing service, Makelab also offers customers the service of making a printable 3D model.

In terms of user experience, the website itself looks great. It’s modern and very easy to navigate through, which is always a good point. A cool feature not every 3D printing service has is a chat bot. Its purpose is to serve the users with information they may need without the need to wait for a reply from a real person.

As expected, there’s also an instant quote generator in the website, which leads us to pricing.


In order to determine how competitive Makelab’s prices are, we once again decided to compare them with 3D Hubs. We uploaded the same part to both websites and selected the same desired material, which was PLA. Even the layer height and delivery dates were matched, making it a fair comparison.

3D Hubs provided a quote of $10.49 while Makelab quoted $12.29. That’s not a big difference at all, which makes Makelab’s prices competitive enough. It’s always worth keeping in mind that Makelab is a smaller company than 3D Hubs, though, meaning they’ve got a smaller production volume that nudges prices slightly higher.

Makelab is able to ship parts all over the USA, Canada, and some countries in Latin America. If you’re in a rush, Makelab will charge a small fee to speed up the production and shipping.

All in all, this is a great 3D printing service with a wide choice of technologies and materials. Maybe it doesn’t have a massive production volume, but the quality and the local vibe is there. If you’re in the area, reach out to Makelab and get your parts printed fast!


3D Printing Services in New York Global 3D Printing Services

Compare the best global 3D printing services with Craftcloud.
Compare the best global 3D printing services with Craftcloud. (Source: Craftcloud)

Despite the fact this article’s main focus is on 3D printing services in New York, it’s always good to be aware of global 3D printing services. If your local service is fully booked or can’t produce your part for some other reason, big global players should be able to help.

But comparing so many services across the globe to find the best price, deliveriy options, and materials can be a Herculean task, and that’s where Craftcloud, our price comparison service, comes in. Check it out to compare 3D printing services and find the optimal partner to produce your parts!

Craftcloud – 3D Printing & Price Comparison Service

Product image of Craftcloud

Feature image source: Scan The World / MyMiniFactory

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