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2020 Best Laser Cutting Software

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by Melanie Griffin
Jan 12, 2020

Laser cutters are capable tools, but only with the right software. Make the most of your machine with these laser cutting software tools!

Best Laser Cutting Software

Laser Cutting 101

Laser cutting requires precision from its software
Laser cutting requires precision from its software (Source: Microform Precision)

Laser cutting is a finicky business. Though slicing materials through the use of a concentrated beam of light may sounds simple, guiding the laser in a controlled manner requires serious software guidance.

For laser cutting projects, you need to work with vector files. These define lines, points, curves, and shapes for the laser cutter to follow. The right laser cutting software makes all the difference between wrestling your idea from your machine and working with it to create something harmonious.

That’s where this list of laser cutting software comes in. We’ve chosen six of our favorite tools that help with design, machine communication, or both. Not covered in this article are tools designed for nesting, in other words, efficiently arranging multiple pieces. For those, check out our dedicated article on laser cutting nesting tools.

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Best Laser Cutting Software


LaserWeb4 is a free laser cutting software program that communicates your design to the laser
LaserWeb4 is a free laser cutting software program that communicates your design to the laser (Source: FutureLab3D)

LaserWeb is a free, open-source laser cutting tool in its fourth iteration. Its GitHub page describes it as an application for generating code from laser cutting-compatible files for lasers and CNC mills. Basically, LaserWeb translates your vector file to your laser cutter.

To help with this vital step in the process, LaserWeb controls your laser cutter based on your design file. It’s an especially useful software tool because its newest versions let you import multiple files, including ones that use different formats, into a single project. That makes it great for collaboration. Plus, it’s got a job cost estimator based on your project, which is a handy feature for laser cutting software, whether you’re an amateur trying to make your hobby budget work or a professional needing accurate invoices.

LaserWeb’s community is full of users with modifications, tips, and additions to the open-source code. This means you can pick and choose niche extras that wouldn’t be available with other laser cutting software.

  • Created by: Project Coordinator Peter van der Walt
  • Cost: Free
  • Best for: Controlling your laser cutter based on your design

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Best Laser Cutting Software

DraftSight 2019

DraftSight 2019 is great for keeping your edges sharp and neat
DraftSight 2019 is great for keeping your edges sharp and neat (Source: DraftSight)

If SolidWorks is your BFF for 3D modeling, check out Dassault Systèmes’ laser cutting 2D software DraftSight. It’s got all the same attention to detail but turned towards 2D drafting of vector drawings, which is exactly what you need to cut with lasers.

DraftSight is a design software that’s best at helping you perfect the image you want to upload to your laser cutter. Its newest iteration contains the image trace function, which turns a BMP, JPEG, or PNG image into vector lines, curves, and angles, making it that much easier for you to cut a pattern that already exists without having to go back to the drawing board.

DraftSight 2019 also contains a “hairline” option for line width within the print options of your design. This is especially useful for laser cutters because it’s set for the exact size of a single pass of the laser. Wider lines are rasterized by the laser printer, which means they’re composed of a series of pixel-like laser burns. That makes for a less-precise cut and blurrier lines around the final project’s edges. DraftSight 2019 lets you avoid that like a boss.

  • Created by: Dassault Systèmes
  • Cost: $99 per year
  • Best for: Getting your lines and edges sharp enough for single cuts

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Best Laser Cutting Software


Inkscape is a free, open-source alternative to Adobe Illustrator
Inkscape is a free, open-source alternative to Adobe Illustrator (Source: PC Mag)

Inkscape is pitched as a free, open-source alternative to Adobe Illustrator. That’s great enough as it is, but Inkscape is also constantly evolving and improving as a laser cutting software.

Its real claim to fame for a laser cutting software is that uses scalable vector graphics as its native format. SVG is a royalty-free graphics formatting markup language, which means you can harness the use of its commands to create your designs without having to pay anyone. It’s a great boost for those who are just starting out with laser cutting software and the process in general.

You can also use Inkscape across OS platforms. It works with equal ease for Windows, Mac, and Linux users, so whatever your preference, you’re covered.

  • Created by: Inkscape
  • Cost: Free
  • Best for: Tinkering with your design experience

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Best Laser Cutting Software


The LightBurn software interface
The LightBurn software interface (Source: LightBurn Software)

LightBurn is an editor and control software in one package. It allows you to import almost all common vector graphic and bitmap image formats.

You can edit, arrange, and create new art with LightBurn. After you’re done editing, you can adjust various laser cutting settings, like laser power, cutting speed, and the number of passes, then send it to your laser directly. It supports most laser cutters available on the market as well as most G-code controllers, so you should be in good hands.

Created by: LightBurn Software

Cost: $40 for G-code controllers; $80 for DSP controllers; 30-day free trial available

Best for: Handling a variety of file formats

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Best Laser Cutting Software

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard for logo creation and vector illustration
Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard for logo creation and vector illustration (Source: Skillshare)

Adobe Illustrator is the gold standard against which all other design software is measured.

One feature that makes Adobe Illustrator shine as a laser cutting software is its Artboards setup. This is where you lay out your designs on one screen to see how they’ll fit onto your sheets of material. Illustrator lets you set up as many Artboards as you need within one view, so you can keep the big picture in mind while you’re setting up your design.

Adobe Illustrator’s universal use among graphic artists and designers also gives you an advantage when you use it for laser cutting software. If you’ve never dealt with laser cutting design before but know your way around Illustrator, all you need to learn is a couple best practices and standards to adjust your design for optimum laser cutting. You’ll have a new skill to brag about in no time.

  • Created by: Adobe
  • Cost: $240 annual subscription
  • Best for: Creating vector line illustrations

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Best Laser Cutting Software


TurboCAD is a laser cutting software that lets you copy designs with ease
TurboCAD is a laser cutting software that lets you copy designs with ease (Source: TurboCAD )

Coming from a line of specialized drafting programs, TurboCAD is loaded with features that make laser cutting easy. It’s designed to mimic AutoCAD, but it’s not just a cheaper clone.

TurboCAD’s Overkill tool removes overlapping arcs and lines within a design, which cleans up a vector drawing for laser cutting. It also takes out redundancies and keeps track of what you changed with its event viewer.

You can take advantage of TurboCAD’s PDF Insert/Underlay tool, as well. If you’ve got a design you’d like to copy, save it as a vector PDF file and trace over it within a new TurboCAD project. You don’t even have to worry about keeping your mouse hand steady – the midpoints and endpoints of lines will immediately snap to match the PDF.

  • Created by: TurboCAD Design Group
  • Cost: $200 for TurboCAD 2019 Deluxe; $1000 for TurboCAD 2019 Professional; $1,500 for TurboCAD 2019 Platinum
  • Best for: Copying and cleaning up designs

(Lead image source: Vusnet)

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