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3D Printed Motor – 5 Curated Models to 3D Print

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by Jacob Greenburg
Jul 31, 2019

3D printing can make figurines, household goods, and more. But for something a little more dynamic, check out this list of 3D printed motor models!

3D Printed Motor Models They Actually Work

A 3D printed brushless motor.
A 3D printed brushless motor. Source: laimer.ch

Consumer 3D printing has come a long way. Now, consumers are enjoying a plethora of options when it comes to cheap and well-built equipment. But eventually, static models downloaded off Thingiverse will get boring. So why not try your hand at something more dynamic?

If you’re looking for something more exciting or novel, print an item that has a real spin to it. How about printing a functional electric motor?

Join us as we explore this list of the top 3D printed motors!


3D Printed Motor Models Halbach Brushless Motor

3d printed Halbach array brushless DC electric motor.
3d printed Halbach array brushless DC electric motor. Source: TheGoofy / Instructables.com

Designed and made by Christoph Laimar, this Halbach motor packs real power. The 3D printed motor utilizes a 3D printed rotor and stator, and it packs 600 Watts of power with an efficiency of 80%. The complexity of the print and design allows you to use it as a showcase of technical prowess as well as 3D printing knowledge.

Where to find it: You can obtain the part files on the designer’s website for a small licensing fee of $10. He even offers an approved hardware kit to accompany the printed motor components.

How to make it: Fortunately, Christoph provides very detailed information on how to print and construct this impressive project. You can find his complete writeup on the operation, printing, winding, and assembly of this model on Instructables.

If you’re looking to watch this motor operate, you’re in luck: Christoph’s made a video showcasing the model in operation.


3D Printed Motor Models Simple Direct Current Electric Motor

3D Printable direct current motor for education.
3D Printable direct current motor for education. Source: retrofluffyboy / Thingiverse.com

This electric motor is purposeful in its simplicity: Designed for the purpose of educating, it was made by Thingiverse user retro fluffyboy  for the MakerEd Challenge 2.0.

Where to find it: On Thingiverse, retro fluffyboy provides all the parts you need to print the model. In addition, he provides instructions on how to assemble the model and teach the lessons involving it.

Look no further than YouTube if you’re interested in a small video showcasing the motor’s operation.

How to make it: As stated on Thingiverse, he recommends printing this in a fine resolution of 0.1 mm. Furthermore, he provides a full part list on the bottom of the cover page, just so you can check that you have everything before getting excited.


3D Printed Motor Models Tiny Mendocino Solar Motor

A tiny 3D printed solar motor.
A tiny 3D printed solar motor. Source: Aeropic / Thingiverse

As stated by the creator, Aeropic, “The Mendocino motor is a solar-powered, light-commutated, magnetically levitated electric motor.” Watching the YouTube video of its operation sheds light on how advanced this design is. The assembled model is almost an art piece, with the stylish design and levitating design.

Where to find it: Available on Thingiverse, this 3D printed motor has 3 makes and 40 comments.

How to make it: Simply put, the creator used a 0.5-mm nozzle with a 0.2-mm layer height for the stator components. Luckily, detailed instructions are also listed on the Thingiverse page.


3D Printed Motor Models Tesla Turbine

An air-powered Tesla Turbine.
An air-powered Tesla Turbine. Source: Integza / Thingiverse

Originally designed and built by Portugese maker and engineer Integza, this 3D printed motor is based on a Tesla Turbine. Primarily, it generates its motion from the use of high-pressure air operating in a vortex across thin 3D printed plates. His original design utilized a handful of 3D printed components, but this second iteration is almost entirely 3D printed.

Where to find it: Integza posted the print and instruction files on his Thingiverse page.

How to make it: Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a technical writeup. Instead, he has a YouTube video where he reveals some of this design’s backstory as well as the build process.


3D Printed Motor Models PLA Spring Motor Demonstrator

A 3D printed motor with spring Mechanism.
A 3D printed motor with spring Mechanism. Source: Greg Zumwalt / MyMiniFactory

Designed and printed by the master creator Greg Zumwalt, this whiz of a 3D printed spring motor demonstrates a unique property of PLA. What’s most impressive is the many creations Greg has made based on the lessons learned here.

Where to find it: Greg Zumwalt posted all his part files on MyMiniFactory.

How to make it: Greg provides instructions on how to print and put together each of the pieces on MyMiniFactory. The most significant piece of advice is to print this with 100% infill. In addition, he recommends the use of light machine oil for lubrication.


3D Printed Motor Models Let's Bring It Back Around

A 3D printed motor undergoing assembly.
A 3D printed motor undergoing assembly. Source: Christoph Laimer / YouTube

Here we gave you some options to give your 3D printing projects more spice. As you can see, 3D printing is more than just static brackets and miniatures. Take up a couple of these and your knowledge will no doubt be expanded significantly. Or, if these are too simple for you, why not design your own?

Feature image source: Jacob Greenburg / All3DP

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