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10 Most Popular 3D Printed Items On Shapeways


As you probably know, Shapeways is currently the biggest and most popular 3D printing service in the world. According to their website, these are its 10 most popular items in November 2015.

Without further ado, here’s the countdown:

Number 10: Kerbal IVA Bundle


Who are these guys? They are from the Kerbal Space Program, a game where players create and manage their own space program. This IVA Bundle now available with Valentina Kerman! Jeb, Val, Bill and Bob will share your adventures in Kerbal Space Program. You also can order the figurines individually.

Order the bundle here. Current price: $196.61, €183.61 in full color sandstone.

Number 9: Millennium Deago Hall Nav Seat


What is it? This hall navigator seat has the exact size to fit the interior of the new DeAgo kit. This hall navigator seat has more detail than the original one, and has too the right proportions. The seat has the proportions and dimensions of the part seen on the original studio live filming model.

More information here. Current price $13,30, €12.42 in frosted ultra detail plastic.

Number 8: iPad Mini Remote Mount for DJI Phantom Drone


What is it for? It’s an extension for controlling a drone. This iPad Mini remote mount has been designed to be strong and rigid, yet fits tight and secure to your DJI Phantom’s remote.

You can find it here. Current price: $28,90, €26,99 in white strong & flexible polished plastic.

Number 7: Neuron pendant: Science Jewelry


What’s that thing? That’s a pendant that will make you look great at the next neurologist conference. The item is printed in polished silver (several other materials available) and depicts one of the neurons in your brain. The chain displayed in the pictures is not included in your order.

You can find it here. Current price: $86,79, €81,01 in polished silver.

Number 6: Wired Life Stag Large


What is it? This 3D printed stag became an iconic thing for 3D printing very fast. Actually, it’s a 3D printed trophy head for your wall. The Stag is part of the Wired Life Collection with many more items to choose from.  No animals were harmed during the printing.

You can order it here. Current price: $69,42, €64,80 in black strong & flexible plastic.

Number 5: Nifty Fifty (Canon 50mm F1.8) Follow Focus Adapter


What’s does it do? The Nifty-Fifty is a great and very affordable prime lens. unfortunatels it’s got athis wonky focus ring, making it impossible to use with a follow-focus for cinematic work. That’s changed now. This adapter snaps onto the focus ring of your lens, providing an industry-standard 32-pitch (.8 mod) gear ring for use with most follow focuses. It also has an MXL-pitch timing belt groove designed specifically for use with our own Kickstarter-funded 50-Dollar Follow Focus (shown in the photo.)

You can order the adapter here. Current price: $20,94, €19,55 in black strong & flexible plastic.

Number 4: Microsoft Band Charging Stand


What‘s that thing? The charging system for Microsoft Band works well, but Shapeways user hodginsa didn’t like the way it sat on a surface when the cable is connected. So he decided to design this stand to keep the cable in order as well as use the band as a clock/alarm when its in the charger. If you want to add weight to the stand, you can also order a metal base.

Find the band charger here. Current price: $17.35, €16,21 in black strong & flexible plastic.

Number 3: An Itty Bitty Sad Keanu


Who’s that guy? The sad Keanu Reeves figurine has been very popular from its first appearing. You can order the figurine in two sizes.

Keanu waits here. Current prices: Small version $25, €23,35. Big version $45, €42,03 in full color sandstone.

Number 2: Gyro the Cube


What’s that thing? According to designer Virtox, this “kinetic sculpture is inspired by the unlimited freedom of 3d printing. It wobbles and turns with a slight movement of the hand. Now give it a good spin or puff of air and it erupts in erratic and wild behavior.”

You can find it here. Current price: $28.89, €27 in red strong & flexible polished plastic.

Number 1: Thorn Dice Set with Decader


What is it? This is a seven-die set for role playing. It includes a d4, d6, d8, d10, decader d10, d12, and d20. Despite their spiky look, they won’t scratch tables. They will, however, leave small dents in character sheets.

Order them here. Current price: $114.46, €106.94 in stainless steel.