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TCT Show 2017 Recap: Inside Look at the Most Exciting 3D Printing Show of the Year

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by Tyler Koslow
Sep 29, 2017

TCT Show 2017 might be over, but the innovation has just begun. Here's our recap of the best 3D printing moments from this year's conference.

Earlier this week, in Birmingham, UK, the 2017 TCT Show took the 3D printing industry by storm, bringing the best from industrial and consumer together under one roof. The show floor was overflowing with delight for new products, announcements, and just to have a jolly good time.

All3DP was there in flesh, and never before have we seen such excitement at a 3D printing conference and trade show. Despite being in attendance for all three days, we hardly had enough time to see everything there was to see, speak to everyone there was to speak with. However, we managed to spot out the most innovative new advancements in additive manufacturing.

We have a whole series of interviews coming from our time at TCT Show. But first, let’s fill you in on what you missed if you couldn’t make it over.

Here’s a recap of some of the most innovative, disruptive, and just flat out cool things we saw on display at TCT Show 2017. Obviously, it was nearly impossible to see everything in this jam-packed show, but here are some of the things that captured the attention of All3DP.


TCT Show 2017 Desktop Metal

Image of TCT Show 2017: Desktop Metal

Perhaps the most hyped up 3D printing company of 2017, the Massachusetts manufacturer Desktop Metal has made it their mission to make metal additive manufacturing more affordable. After releasing the Studio and Production model earlier this year, Desktop Metal was ready to show their revolutionary machines in action at this year’s TCT Show. Although the Production System wasn’t on the floor, the company had the Studio System at full force, printing metal parts at a booth that always seemed to be crowded.

If you want to learn more about this mesmerizing technology, stay tuned for our exclusive TCT Show interview with Desktop Metal co-founder and CTO Jonah Myerberg, coming soon.


TCT Show 2017 Prusa MK3

Image of TCT Show 2017: Prusa MK3

At first glance, the Prusa i3 MK3 might not look to different from its predecessor (the MK2). However, a quick tour under the hood shows just why this printer generated the most buzz at TCT Show. Josef Prusa and his team had the MK3 on display, showing off the new and improved printer. Features include a filament sensor, better components, and even the ability to recover a print after power failure. There’s a lot of reasons why this highly anticipated in being praised before it even hits the shelves. To learn more, be sure to read our preview of the Prusa MK3 here!


TCT Show 2017 Carbon

Image of TCT Show 2017: Carbon

If you’ve been following the 3D printing industry over the past couple of years, chances are you’ve heard of the Silicon Valley startup Carbon. After unveiling their ultra-fast CLIP technology back in 2015, the company is already on the forefront of mass production. Earlier this year, they announced a partnership with adidas to produce the midsoles for the Futurecraft 4D performance footwear. With an ambitious goal to manufacture 100,000 pairs by the end of 2018, seeing these shoes in person really put the accomplishment into perspective. Just prior to the show, Carbon also unveiled news about their new materials program, which will enable customers to save money buy purchasing their resins in bulk. All3DP sat down to talk to VP of Finance Luke Kelly and VP of Business Development Phil DeSimone. Stay tuned for our exclusive TCT Show interview with the Carbon team!


TCT Show 2017 colorFabb

Image of TCT Show 2017: colorFabb

What better way to capture the eyes of TCT show attendees than with a new sparkly filament from colorFabb. We recently shared the news about the Dutch company’s nGen_LUX material, but this baby is something you have to see to believe. The company put four different colors on display, but have yet to decide on which will be released to the public. Either way, this high-quality filament is something we will be getting our hands on as soon as possible.


TCT Show 2017 Digital Metal

Image of TCT Show 2017: Digital Metal

Although Desktop Metal was certainly one of the starts of the TCT Show, they weren’t the only company showcasing new advancements in metal 3D printing. Digital Metal, a subsidiary of the Swedish metal powder pioneer Höganäs, were on the floor showing of finely detailed and miniature prints from their high-precision DM P2500 3D printer. This binder jetting system is capable of producing small and intricate metal components.


TCT Show 2017 Ultimaker

Image of TCT Show 2017: Ultimaker

Ultimaker also had some big news this TCT Show, but unlike most others, their announcement had nothing to do with new hardware. Instead, the open source 3D printing company revealed their new edition of the Cura slicing software. Version 2.7 has a lot of impressive features, but the most exciting is the ability to build and add your own plugins to the software. On top of that, Ultimaker hosted a ceremonial cake cutting at the beginning of the show, celebrating the milestone of reaching 1,000,000 users on Cura.


TCT Show 2017 Formlabs

Image of TCT Show 2017: Formlabs

When most people think of the Massachusetts 3D printer manufacturer Formlabs, they probably imagine the slick and high-performance Form 2 desktop SLA printer pulling 3D objects out of resin. However, earlier this year, they announced the Fuse 1 SLS 3D printer, marking a new era for this successful company. Unfortunately, this potentially game-changing printer (priced at just $10,000, a steal for professional-grade SLS technology), but the Formlabs team was still onsite with a number of objects printed with their new machine. During the TCT Show, we sat down to chat with Formlabs lead engineer Eduardo Torrealba about the new Fuse 1 printer. Stay tuned for our exclusive interview!


TCT Show 2017 XYZprinting

Image of TCT Show 2017: XYZprinting

Know for conquering the 3D printing market with their vast and affordable range of desktop machines, XYZprinting stirred up excitement recently after unveiling their full color da Vinci Color 3D printer. The Taiwanese manufacturer put the proof in the pudding at TCT Show, showcasing the new printer in all its glory, along with some colorful and vibrant prints that were quite impressive. XYZprinting also had their new Nobel Superfine on display, an affordable and petite SLA printer priced at just $2,699.


TCT Show 2017 ZMorph

Image of TCT Show 2017: ZMorph

It’s been awhile since we heard from the Polish 3D printer manufacturer ZMorph, but it turns out the team has been busy cooking up a new and improved ZMorph VX. The company claims that the new machine will be easier to set up and operate than ever before. The VX model will feature a flexible pricing system, letting customers choose whether they want to implement CNC milling, laser engraving, and food printing alongside this multitool machine’s 3D printing capabilities.


TCT Show 2017 EnvisionTEC

Image of TCT Show 2017: EnvisionTEC

Some 3D printing companies seem to have more bark than bite, making promises about their technology that always seems to fall short. But for EnvisionTEC, they successfully showcased the impressive abilities of their products, showing off a 3D Printed Mechanical Dog that was made with multiple printers and materials. This fierce and ambitious project was drawing attention throughout TCT Show, using nine different printers and seven different materials.

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