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The not-so-little brother

2019 Creality CR-10 Mini – Review the Specs

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Mar 2, 2019

2019 Creality CR-10 Mini – Review the Specs

The Creality CR-10 Mini is the smaller brother of the popular CR10? Let's review the specs of this not-so-small mini 3D printer.

When the Creality CR-10 was released in mid-2017, it became an instant hit with the 3D printing community. The huge build volume and the low price hit a sweet spot with consumers worldwide. The lower priced little bother, the “Creality CR-10 Mini” 3D printer offers most of the benefits by just shrinking the printer a little bit.

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Product image of Creality CR-10 Mini

Creality CR-10 Mini

Creality CR-10 Mini – Review the Specs Review the Specs

The specs of the Creality CR-10 Mini 3D Printer read very similarly its low-cost 3D printers.

  • Technology: FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling), single extruder
  • Build Volume: 300 x 220 x 300mm
  • Layer Resolution: 0.1-0.4mm
  • Nozzle/Filament Diameter: 0.4mm (can be changed to 0.3 or 0.2mm)
  • Connectivity: SD Card
  • Heated Bed: Yes
  • Print Speed: 80-200mm/s
  • Supported Filament Materials: PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, special filaments
  • Operational Extruder Temperature: max 250C
  • Operational Heatbed Temperature: max 100C
  • Input rating: 110V/220V AC,50/60Hz
  • Working Voltage: 12V DC
  • Printer Dimensions: 4190 x 420 x 500mm

Creality CR-10 Mini – Review the Specs What’s Special?

Image of Creality CR-10 Mini – Review the Specs: What’s Special?

So what makes this printer stand out? As said, this is not a full-blown review, but we can give you some indicators what makes the Creality CR-10 Mini special:

It comes pre-assembled: Although being sold as a kit 3D printer, the Creality CR-10 Mini comes partially pre-assembled. It should be just a matter of minutes before you can start 3D printing.

Big build volume: Even if it’s called “Mini”, the Creality CR-10 Mini offers a generous build volume. 300 x 220 x 300mm puts it in the range of the JGAurora A5 (305 × 305 × 320mm) or the DaVinci Super (300 × 300 × 300mm). It offers a significantly bigger build space than the Original Prusa i3 MK3 (250 × 210 × 200 mm).

External control board: As the Creality CR-10, the power brick, the RAMboard, and controls are located in a separate external “brick”. The spool holder is mounted on top.

Auto-resume feature: In case of a power failure, the printer remembers where it left off and will resume printing when you start it up again.

Heated bed: The Creality CR-10 Mini has a heated bed that lets you operate and experiment with a lot of materials.

Connections: Connection-wise the Creality CR-10 Mini only offers Micro-SD card slot, but no USB for hooking up your computer.

Removable glass bed: The bed can easily be removed to pluck the print off the bed. Also, Creality throws in a spool of Kapton tape if you don’t want to print on the bed directly.

Improved build quality: In comparison to the Creality CR-10, the quality of the parts has been ramped up. Instead of using 3D printed components, the frame uses injection-molded parts and aluminum rods. The rest of the mechanical parts are identical to the Creality CR-10 and Creality CR-10 S.

Bowden extruder: The Creality CR-10 Mini 3D Printer uses a standard Bowden hotend.

Positive reviews: So far, the Creality CR-10 Mini received mainly positive reviews (i.e. from 3D Maker Noob), claiming it delivers quality prints. Problematic may be the high noise floor, though.

Creality CR-10 Mini – Review the Specs Where to Buy

You can order the printer from most popular online stores. Currently, the price range lies around 300 to 400 US-Dollars.

Product image of Creality CR-10 Mini

Creality CR-10 Mini

You can reach the Chinese manufacturer Creality on their English homepage. If you have questions regarding the 3D printer, you can apply for the Facebook group or check this Thingiverse page for more information.

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