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2019 Best 3D Printer Filaments at Amazon

Picture of Florian Gehrke
by Florian Gehrke
Sep 2, 2019

Looking for the best 3D printer filament at Amazon? Check out our selection of the best PLA, PETG and ABS filaments available right now at the world’s most popular online retailer.

Ordering from the worlds biggest retailer does have some clear advantages. Amazon is known to offer a good selection and delivers faster than most competitors.

Due to the boom in 3D printing technology, Amazon distributes countless different filament manufacturers. While a broad choice is generally worthwhile, it does not ease the decision-making process. So if you do you want to order your 3D printing filament from Amazon, which is the right one?

Luckily, the editorial team at All3DP tests filaments day in and day out. Using that insight, plus a little dash of research, we have compiled a list of some of the most noteworthy filaments available at Amazon. Ordered by material, but of no particular ranking, use the links below to dive in, or keep scrolling for the first entry.



PLA Filament

PLA filament is by far the most popular material used in FDM 3D printing, and there’s a good reason for that. It comes in many shades and styles, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Whether you’re looking for vibrant colors or unique blends, PLA filament is easy to use and aesthetically pleasing material. It isn’t as strong as other types of filament, such as PETG or ABS, but PLA is very forgiving of variations in temperature and printing speed. PLA can be used to print figurines or plastic toys, and the best PLA filaments can even be used to print functional parts.

Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon Amazon PLA

Image of Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon: Amazon PLA

If you are looking for a cheap PLA filament that prints without issues and has vibrant colors, this is the filament for you. As a bonus, the filament is backed by online retail giant Amazon; meaning fast shipping, returns, and Amazon’s one-year warranty all come with the AmazonBasics filament.

The filament performed flawlessly in our filament test, and the fact that the spool comes in a resealable plastic bag makes storing your filaments an easy task. Also, the spool itself has a handy gauge on the side that allows you to approximate how much filament you have left – both in meters and by weight. Combined with the – almost – unbeatable price, the Amazon Basic PLA is perfectly suited for your everyday prints.


Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon Hatchbox PLA

Image of Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon: Hatchbox PLA

US-based Hatchbox offers good quality PLA filament at a reasonable price, making it the perfect all-around, everyday filament.

Hatchbox quickly rose to become the #1 filament seller on Amazon, with thousands of satisfied user reviews. Its filament combines everything you would look for in a PLA: The material’s tolerance is great, the colors are vibrant, it is flexible, yet strong for a PLA, and the detail resolution is amazing. On top, it has a sweet pancake smell (as if that wasn’t selling point enough). And all that for a bang-good price.

The spool comes packed in a recyclable cardboard box, and sealed in a plastic bag, but the bag is not resealable. Meaning, you will need a dry box or a suitable compartment to protect your filament from humidity, but it’s a minor drawback that can be tackled by finding a proper storing solution.


Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon Prusament PLA

Image of Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon: Prusament PLA

Creating one of the most popular 3D printers wasn’t enough for Josef Prusa and his team at Prusa Research. So they set out to be the first 3D printer manufacturer with an in-house filament production.

Prusa offers premium material achieved with thorough testing. Customers can inspect the testing parameters, such as the remaining weight and length, and the standard deviation in microns, of every filament spool by scanning the QR code on the product. Such spool-specific data is above and beyond what you can expect from other filament manufacturers.

While you had to order Prusament through Prusa’s online shop, it is since become available at Amazon and can be ordered in many different and vibrant colors.


Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon Proto-pasta PLA

Image of Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon: Proto-pasta PLA

Proto-pasta launched after a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013 and is now a well-established filament manufacturer, gaining wide popularity for its super high quality and reliable tolerances. Proto-pasta is a filament by makers, for makers. The Proto-pasta team has been focused on material quality so heavily over the last few years that they only recently released aesthetically pleasing filament.

The filament is a bit pricey, but the quality makes up for it. The company’s special HT-PLA boasts similar ease of printing to standard PLA, but can also be heat-treated for added stability and strength, to hold shape at temperatures approaching 200 °C, compared to PLA’s average melting temperature of about 50 °C. The newest version of HT-PLA is a result of three years of refinement and user feedback.

Fun fact: the name Proto-pasta derives from the pasta-like shape of filament.


Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon Colorfabb PLA

Image of Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon: Colorfabb PLA

Recognizing the market’s need for high-end, premium-quality filament, Colorfabb set out to meet the demand, becoming one of the most reputable filament manufacturers in the world; thanks in no small part to its strong PLA.

The secret behind Colorfabb’s strong PLA is a little extra ingredient; PHA. A polyester created by bacteria when fermenting sugar, when mixes with Colorfabb’s PLA the resulting filament is stronger and more durable than most other PLAs, while retaining biodegradability and ease of printing.

As far as technical specs and quality control goes, Colorfabb PLA filaments are top-notch. They have awesome tolerances. They never clog or jam, and the spools are always perfectly wound. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Colorfabb filament is definitely at the top of the price range. But then again it’s not a bad deal for some of the best PLA filament worldwide.


PETG Filament

PETG is a Glycol Modified version of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). Although PLA and ABS still sit atop the throne of 3D printing materials, PETG filament is quickly gaining recognition for combining the reliability of the former with the durability of the latter.

The material has become a popular alternative for makers looking to do away with printing difficulties of ABS, as well as those eager to take the next step up from PLA.

Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon Amazon Basics PETG

Image of Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon: Amazon Basics PETG

Just like its PLA, Amazon hasn’t skimped on quality in its PETG offering. Amazon Basics PETG filament is easy to work with and provides decent quality. The colors are vibrant, and the surface finish of the prints is smooth and shiny. While it does have a slight issue with first layers not sticking to the bed, this is easily corrected with a little extra adhesive before each print.

As an Amazon-labeled product, Amazon Basics PETG benefits from impressively fast Prime shipping, and if you don’t like it, the company’s returns policy is generous. An Amazon 1-year limited warranty also backs it. AmazonBasics PETG is the go-to filament for your run-of-the-mill prints.


Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon Hatchbox PETG

Image of Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon: Hatchbox PETG

Hatchbox PETG filament appeals to both experts and beginners, and basically, everyone who wants good quality filament at a bargain price. It is this mix of low pricing and high quality that allows Hatchbox to dominate the filament market. Hands down, they nail the price-to-quality ratio.

Hatchbox PETG offers a wide variety of colors to choose from. Note that the label on the box doesn’t always match the ordered color. But the filament inside is always the exact shade of the color you ordered. Hatchbox PETG filament is gaining popularity as people realize how easy it is to print with. This filament is as good as many filaments that cost twice as much.


Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon Polymaker PETG

Image of Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon: Polymaker PETG

Polymaker started in Shanghai, China, and quickly became one of the most well-known 3D filament companies. Today it offers a variety of 3D printing materials in a broad color palette.

Polymaker PolyLite PETG

Polylite PETG is an optimized plug-and-play filament available in both 1.75mm and 2.85mm diameters, combining balanced mechanical properties with excellent ease of printing and reasonable pricing. The company’s intricate Nano-reinforcement formula provides tighter specifications that won’t jam your 3D printer’s extruder and should lead to more reliable 3D prints.

Polymaker PolyMax PETG

Polymaker also has a PolyMax PETG version, which offers better mechanical properties than regular PETG, making it a good candidate for a wide range of applications. It dramatically improves the toughness of the material by increasing its impact resistance, while retaining the easy-to-print-reliability of PLA. The heat resistance is increased up to around 80℃, so you don’t need to worry about warping or shrinking during the printing process, which ensures the dimensional stability.


Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon Innofil3D PET

Image of Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon: Innofil3D PET

Innofil3D is a dutch filament company and a leading producer of high-value customized filaments, which was acquired by BASF, the largest chemical producer worldwide, in 2017.

Curiously, Innofil labels its PET as PETG, which is developed at its research facility. The filament doesn’t warp at high temperatures and has a large operating window which enables it to be suitable for a broad range of 3D-printers and printing speeds. It has excellent printing properties, good mechanical characteristics, and it has exceptional detail in the finishing. Also, the colors are bright, vibrant, and unaltered by temperature.

The filament’s strong adhesion to the bed and between layers means a robust and sturdy model every time you print. Even if you’re printing a huge model non-stop for days, you won’t run into any issues. In the off chance that you do run into any problems regarding the filament, you can contact Innofil3D. They will get to the bottom of it and even send you a replacement reel for free.


Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon Colorfabb PET XT

Image of Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon: Colorfabb PET XT

Colorfabb guarantees precision quality filaments for your most important prints. Its filaments typically run on the pricier end of the spectrum but are for the most part worth it. Colorfabb packages, stores and ships its filaments from its factory and warehouse in a state-of-the-art operation, and all their filaments are high quality with minimal variance in diameter.

PET XT is ColorFabb’s variant of PETG, which is made from Amphora polymers, making the material more functional, durable, and efficient than many other PETs. Note that the spool size is pretty large — larger even than many standard printer spool holders can take. ColorFabb has shared a design for a spool holder here, which you can print it yourself.


Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon Fillamentum CPE

Image of Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon: Fillamentum CPE

Fillamentum is probably best known for the extravagant colors it offers its filaments in. Always adding new and astonishing colors with beautiful brand names such as Flirty Plum or Morning Sun Transparent, the company also guarantees high quality and ease of printing, from its durable materials.

CPE is a modified PETG, developed for professional printing. It has excellent tensile strength, high impact resistance, high transparency in thin layers, a good interlayer adhesion, not o mention chemical resistance with the advantage of food safety. It is also prone to almost no warping and in general, does combine all the beloved PETG features.

Customers should be careful, though when storing CPE as it is moisture sensitive. When not in use, it should be stored in a protective bag. Any excessive stringing could be caused by excessive moisture.


ABS Filament

ABS is the second most popular 3D printing material, beaten only by PLA. With ABS, you can create parts that are impact-resistant, durable, and resistant to weather and heat. Outside of 3D printing, ABS is commonly used because of how useful its properties are. In fact, an array of consumer products are made of ABS, from Lego to keycaps.

ABS parts are also easy to post-process, with sanding, painting, and vapor bathing being all easy options you can use to get you the finish you want.

Printing with ABS is a bit more complicated though than printing with PLA and other filaments. As a result, it is important to buy from the best ABS filament brands available so that you don’t have to worry about clogs in your machine on top of getting the settings right.

Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon Hatchbox ABS

Image of Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon: Hatchbox ABS

The best ABS filament for the everyday-use comes from Hatchbox, hands down. If you take one look at the literally hundreds of five-star reviews that customers have left on Amazon for Hatchbox ABS filaments, you will see just how much people love this filament.

Hatchbox ABS filament comes in vibrant colors and has a high gloss finish that people seem to love. While it tolerates the use of acetone for post-processing purposes very well, even without post-processing it is still some of the glossiest and most lustrous ABS filament available in this price range. It is also available in  1.75 mm and 3 mm variants, so it plays nicely with most, if not all desktop 3D printers outfitted to print ABS.

There is virtually no warping and no stringing, and the filament is robust. All in all, Hatchbox ABS filament is quite possibly the best quality ABS available at this price range.


Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon Push Plastic ABS

Image of Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon: Push Plastic ABS

Push Plastic is one of the more underrated filament brands in the industry. One of their secrets is that they use 100% virgin material and no re-grind (i.e., no recycled plastic), to forgo any impurity. Moreover, Push Plastic materials are manufactured in the US, using only materials sourced in the US to exert more control over the quality of its products. Along with state of the art quality measurement systems, they have the knowledge and equipment to deliver an exceptional product.

The company’s ABS filaments are strong with consistent diameters. They are also straightforward to print with, although they sometimes require a slightly higher melt temperature than other ABS filaments.

Price-wise Push Plastic ABS sits in the middle between high-end filaments and cheaper brands. But at the same time, the quality and consistency of their products combined with a good range of colors will give you a similar experience as many higher-end filament companies.


Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon Gizmo Dorks

Image of Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon: Gizmo Dorks

Gizmo Dorks was set up in 2009 by a couple of grade school friends who were reunited years later by their mutual interest in 3D printing.

The company offers quality filament at a reasonable price, often importing from China — something that appears to have lead to issues with consistency and color — but it is their customer service where the company aims to distinguish itself.

The variety of colors that Gizmo Dorks offers ranges from multiple shades of primary colors and several shades of translucent and specialty colors. Their ABS offers fantastic strength and rigidness. Finished ABS prints have a glossy and smooth texture. One thing to note about the ABS black is that sometimes it turns white when the surface is scraped or scratched.


Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon 3D Solutech ABS

Image of Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon: 3D Solutech ABS

3D Solutech was founded in 2012 to develop and manufacture innovative 3D printing filaments, affordable to anyone.

And 3D Solutech has fulfilled that vision, becoming one of the go-to budget filament providers. A solid choice for beginners looking to save money on their first ABS prints, 3D Solutech offers a wide variety of vivid colors, alongside with some unique ones such as glow in the dark, or see-through colors.

However, there are some mixed reports among user reviews that point to inconsistencies between the temperatures required to print different colors well. Be ready to experiment a little with your temperatures, should the results not match up to your expectations and the manufacturers recommended print temperatures.


Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon Formfutura TitanX ABS

Image of Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon: Formfutura TitanX ABS

Dutch filament manufacturer Formfutura convinces with best material properties, a large special filament offer, and its reliability.

The company’s TitanX ABS is specifically designed to 3D print large objects, which is always a challenge with ABS. Formfutura has figured out how to keep the warping low and the quality high when printing big, with Titan X exhibiting no distortion and perfect layer adhesion. This means it shouldn’t be necessary to have an enclosure for your printer to print successfully with TitanX. A side benefit is a reduction in smell emitted when printing, meaning that acrid whiff that typically accompanies printing with ABS is less intrusive.

Note that a 106% extrusion layer should be used, but Formfutura stats the exact settings that should be used according to each material in the provided leaflet.


Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon Fillamentum ABS

Image of Best 3D Printer Filament at Amazon: Fillamentum ABS

Headquartered in the Czech Republic, Fillamentum is a well-established provider of high-quality 3D printer filaments.

The company’s ABS Extrafill filament ensures high accuracy of diameter dimensions, with excellent roundness and free from chemical impurities that would lead to reduced viscosity of the filament. It ships in a resealable bag pouch that protects it from moisture and UV rays.

Fillamentum ABS Extrafill prints easily, and can also be machined, polished, sanded, drilled, painted and pasted with extreme ease, keeping an excellent finish. Furthermore, it is exceptionally durable and has little flexibility.

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