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Eight Arms to Print With
Setup Guide to OctoPrint on the Raspberry Pi 2

Did you know you can manage your 3D printer over LAN? It's easy to with OctoPrint and a Raspberry Pi 2. Learn how to set up Octoprint.

Gears of More
How to Keep Your LulzBot Mini in Tip-Top Shape

It's a tidy powerhouse of a desktop 3D printer, but it still needs some TLC. Here are some Lulzbot Mini maintenance tips from Aleph Objects.

Cake art
Dinara Kasko Creates New Pieces of Pastry Art with 3D Printed Cake Molds

Dinara Kasko makes use of 3D printing to shape her latest works of pastry art, which incorporate mathematical principals and sculpture.

Flying 3D Prints!
Airbus Production A350 Aircraft has First 3D Printed Titanium Bracket Installed

Aeronautics company, Airbus, has installed a titanium 3D printed bracket for the engine pylon on its in-series production Airbus A350 XWB.

Monoprice’s “MP Select Mini V2”: Great New Features and a $219 Price Tag

Have you been wondering which budget 3D printer to buy? Check out the Monoprice MP Select Mini 3D Printed V2 costing just $219.

Unforgettable Wedding
3D Printed Wedding Cake Toppers Look Stunning!

A beautiful 3D selfie of the bridal couple as wedding cake topper makes your wedding unforgettable! Learn about 3D printed cake toppers.

A Link To The Past
8 DIY Raspberry Pi SNES Mini Cases to 3D Print Now

Why wait until September? Be one of the first to own a Mini SNES. Build a DIY Super Nintendo with a 3D printed Raspberry Pi SNES Case.

Updated: 3D Slash 2.0
3D Slash Review: 3D Modeling Made Super Easy

3D Slash proves that 3D modeling doesn't need to be rocket science. V2.0 is even easier to use. For more details, read this 3D Slash review.

GoPro 3D Prints You’ll Love
11 Best GoPro Accessories to 3D Print

If you own a GoPro, 3D print your GoPro accessories for it! Make even better use of the versatility of the most well-known action cam around.

Saving $$$
20 Thrifty Tips to Help Reduce the Cost of 3D Printing

Here are 20 great ways to reduce the cost of 3D printing. Avoid unnecessary costs and become a frugally-minded maker with the following tips.

This Time, it’s Personal.
20 Outstanding Pieces of 3D Printed Jewelry

If you are looking for something special, then 3D printed jewelry is perfect for you. Here are 20 great pieces of 3D printed jewelry.

Software review
Simplify3D Review: The Best Slicer for 3D Printing

What does it do? Is it the best slicer for 3D printing? How does it compare to Cura? This Simplify3D review will give you the answers.

Make Some Noise!
10 Beautiful 3D Printed Instruments (To Make Music)

3D printing offers new opportunities to build musical instruments. Here are the most beautiful 3D printed instruments.

Use Your Illusion
Make a 3D Printed Mask: 30 Coolest Cosplay Masks to 3D Print

Raise your cosplay game from "meh" to "yeah" with a 3D printed mask for extra authenticity. Here are 30 cool cosplay masks to 3D print.

Start Tinkering
Tinkercad Tutorial – 5 Easy Steps for Beginners

In this Tinkercad tutorial for beginners, we will show you in just five easy steps how to create 3D models in Tinkercad. You can do it!