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Sketchup tutorial
How To 3D Print Text Using SketchUp

Learn how to create text in SketchUp that you can print on a 3D printer - e.g. a signature or company name.

3D printed camera tools
3D Printed DSLR Accessories Essential For Filmmakers

Filmmaking live on a notoriously tight budget. You can save a huge amount of money using these 3D printed tools!

Better safe than sorry
12 Awesome 3D Printed Arduino Cases

Protect your beloved Arduino from damage with a 3D printed Arduino case! Here are the best 3D Arduino cases to 3D print.

FreeCAD tutorial
How to 3D Print Letters or Text using FreeCAD

Have you ever wanted to see your name printed in 3D? Learn how to 3D print letters or text using FreeCAD.

Looking Good
7 Cool Custom 3D Printed Computer Case Mods

3D printing is becoming more popular with PC Case Modders. These are the seven best looking case modded PCs with 3D printed parts.

Show Me What You Got
Top 20 Rick and Morty Toys, Figures & Collectibles to 3D Print

We've trawled the web for these 3D printable Rick and Morty toys and figurines so you don't have to. Show a little love, and Get Schwifty!

Great 3D Editing!
Autodesk Inventor Tutorial: 3 Easy Steps for Beginners

In this Autodesk Inventor tutorial, you’ll learn the basic knowledge on how to create, modify and edit 3D models.

Wavefront Object
OBJ File Format – Simply Explained for CAD and 3D Printing

Let's Fly, Let's Fly Away
US Marines Design 3D Printed Combat-Capable Drone

The United States Marine Corps have developed an easy to build and repair 3D printed drone that could see service in the near future.

Square One
Flashforge Finder 3D Printer Review: (Almost) For Beginners

It's a sophisticated little 3D printer for beginners, but a little bit tricky to set up. Read our Flashforge Finder review to learn more.

3D Printing for Kids
3D Printing for Kids: 10 Simple 3D Printer Projects for Children

3D printing will shape the future... so why keep it to grown ups? Here are 10 simple 3D printer projects you can do with your kids.

3D Printer Buyer's Guide
Beginner’s Guide on How to Buy a 3D Printer

You ask yourself how to buy a 3D printer? Read this guide before you go shopping to get the best printer for your needs and your budget.

Blender 3D Printing Tutorial
Blender Tutorial for 3D Printing: How To 3D Print Text

Welcome to All3DP's Blender Tutorial for 3D Printing. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create text to 3D print using Blender.

Tinkercad tutorial
How to 3D Print a Name Tag Using Tinkercad

How to use the free Tinkercad web tool to build a 3D printable name plate, e.g. as a tag for your luggage or as a present.

Extruding Knowledge
Teacher’s Guide to 3D Printing Classes and Curriculum

Looking for free resources for 3D printing classes? Read our guide to get 3D printing curricula, videos and materials for your classes.