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Aid for your buying decision
FDM vs SLA: 3D Printing Explained and Compared

FDM vs SLA: All3DP compares these competing 3D printing technologies and explains which technology to use for which purpose.

Trick or Treat
Top 13 Scary Things to 3D Print Halloween

It's the season of frightful delights! 3D print Halloween with these scary things; you'll be the life and (undead) soul of the monster mash.

Personalized Aids
PoleErgo Uses 3D Printers to Create Patient-Specific Prints for People with Mobility Disabilities

Therapist Guy Ehretsmann uses 3D printing to create customized objects for patients with mobility disabilities and set up company PoleErgo.

Flying High
3D Printed Drones: Guide, Resources, Materials, and Ideas

Read our guide to 3D printed drones: introduction, resources, materials, and ideas. All you need to start 3D printing your drone parts.

Ceramic 3D Printers
Ceramic 3D Printing – The Essential Guide

3D printed ceramics are practical and decorative. Learn more about ceramic 3D printing or even build your own ceramic 3D printer.

3D Printing Tutorial
MeshMixer Tutorial for 3D Printing Beginners

This MeshMixer tutorial for beginners will show you how to use Autodesk Meshmixer and how to make your model ready to 3D print.

Best of Hyrule
25 Greatest Legend of Zelda Props You Can 3D Print

Looking for Legend of Zelda props? Here are the 25 greatest Legend of Zelda props you can 3D print. You can even get them 3D printed.

3D Printing Know-how
3D Printing Speed: How Fast Can 3D Printers Go?

What's the fastest 3D printing speed? And what impact does the 3D printer's speed have on the duration of the print process?

(And One Bus)
16 Coolest 3D Printed Cars In The World (Right Now)

Produced in ever growing numbers, the 3D printed car is here to stay. Here's 16 of the coolest 3D printed cars in the world right now.

Roll for Extrusion
20 Fantastic RPG / D&D Miniatures to 3D Print

Love playing D&D or other tabletop role-playing games? This is a tale about where to find fantastic 3D printed RPG / D&D miniatures.

3D modeling software
Autodesk 123D Design Review: Powerful & Simple

It is a powerful, yet relatively simple to use 3D creation and editing tool. For more details, read this Autodesk's 123D Design review

All you need to know about 3D file formats
8 Most Common 3D File Formats Simply Explained

What different 3D file formats are there? How do they compare? Which one should you use?We explain them in detail in this article.

Low-Cost Greatness
30 Best Raspberry Pi Projects (You Can DIY with a 3D Printer)

A Raspberry Pi and a 3D printer are a match made in maker’s heaven. Here are the best Raspberry Pi projects you can DIY with a 3D printer.

Best Budget 3D Printer
Monoprice Select Mini Review: The Best Budget 3D Printer

The Select Mini 3D printer offers the best value for your money right now. Read our Monoprice Select Mini review to learn more about it.

For Consumers & Small Businesses
Metal 3D Printer Guide 2017 – All About Metal 3D Printing

Read our big metal 3D printer guide about metal 3D printing at home & industrial, metal 3D printers, technologies, applications and more.