Star Wars

3D Slash Tutorial
3D Slash Tutorial for Beginners: How to Use 3D Slash

In this 3D Slash tutorial for beginners, you learn how to use 3D Slash by making a Star Wars items. Make your own lightsaber! Become a 3D Slash Jedi!

Star Wars Cosplay
3D Printed Star Wars Cosplay

With the imminent release of Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, Star Wars cosplay is sure to be very popular.

Star Wars
Star Wars: Fan memorabilia from a 3D printer

Tie Fighters, Yoda, Lightsabers or Storm Troopers: You can print out good looking Star Wars fan figurines yourself.

Star Wars: The Force Prints
This Is Probably the Most Beautiful 3D Printed Lightsaber

This is the 3D Printed Lightsaber you are looking for. A movie props designer printed this awesome Obi-Wan lightsaber - you can even 3D print it yourself.

The Empire Strikes Back
Funky Darth Vader and Stormtrooper Models for 3D Printing Day

International 3D printing day has come and gone, but these low-poly Darth Vader and Stormtrooper models by Agustin Flowalistik make a nice souvenir.

Force-ful Fashion
3D Printed Star Wars Prosthetic Is Shiny and Fabulous

Luke Skywalker meets London Fashion. A 3D printed Star Wars prosthetic developed by Open Bionics brings futuristic flair and function.

The Foosball Awakens
Star Wars: 3D Printed Stormtrooper Foosball Heads

Upgrade your table football with these 3D printed Stormtrooper foosball heads. Just clip them on, and open up a new Star Wars battlefront.

Print the Legend
What Would it Take to 3D Print a 1:1 Scale Death Star?

A 3D printed Death Star in its original size - that’s a 3d printing project of galactic proportions. We have crunched the numbers.

Remember Alderaan
Massive 3D Printed Death Star in Madrid to Promote Rogue One

Excited about the new Star Wars film, Rogue One? In Madrid, Spain a Death Star replica is fabricated in real-time on a huge 3D printer.

The Collectors Awaken
3D Printed Star Wars Collectibles Are Crazy Authentic

Official 3D Printed Star Wars Collectibles are finally available. Thanks to 3D Printing technology, they're almost identical to the originals.

Beep Beep Boop
Star Wars: Replica BB-8 Droid Made with 3D Printed Parts

The Force A-Make-ns! Team of engineers building a working replica of the BB-8 droid from the new Star Wars movie... and it's full scale.

3D Printed Figurines
Print Yourself as Star Wars or Marvel Character

Disney is experimenting with 3D printing in its Research Labs, so you can have your personalized Marvel or Star-Wars-Stormtrooper action figure.

Star Wars
3D Printed Star Wars Fan Gear With Style

For all Star Wars fans committed to their passion, here is a particularly sharp and styling variant of 3D printing: jewelry with a twist.

Let the Wookiee Win
Superfan 3D Prints Functional Star Wars Holochess Table

In a labor of love, Ian Martin has 3D printed a working Star Wars Holochess table, the game played by R2-D2 and Chewbacca in A New Hope.

Han Printed First
18 Galactic Star Wars 3D Models & Props to 3D Print

Are you looking for a great Star Wars 3D model to 3D print? Here you can find great 3D models and 3D printed Star Wars props.