New Balls, Please
Wimbledon Coffee Machine Prints Selfies onto your Drink

The Wimbledon tennis tournament is in full swing, where Lavazza is offering cappuccinos with a twist -- a 3D printed foam selfie.

Record Breaker
3D Printed Handlebars Help Set World Record

Sir Bradley Wiggins rode his bike into the record books with 3D printed handlebars, pushing the world one-hour distance to 54.526 km.

Big Vision
Skelmet Scans your Face to 3D Print Sunglasses for Perfect Fit

New company Skelmet uses 3D scanning and printing to make custom sunglasses that fit perfectly and don't weigh heavily on your face.

Safe and Sound
Cascade Lacrosse Uses Lulzbot 3D Printers to Prototype Helmets

Cascade Lacrosse uses Lulzbot 3D printers to test new ideas and bring comfortable, safe helmets to the market in a shorter amount of time. 

Just Don't Call Them Crocs
Prevolve is a Custom Shoe Company 3D Printing “BioRunners”

Prevolve is a startup using 3D scanning and 3D printing to develop "BioRunners", custom sports shoes which perfectly fit your feet. 

3D Slam Dunk
PEAK Launches the World’s First 3D Basketball Boot, Tested by Dwight Howard

Sports brand PEAK has developed the world's first 3D printed basketball boot, worn and tested by basketball player Dwight Howard.

Come Sail Away With Me
3D Printing Land Rover BAR’s Yacht for the America’s Cup

Land Rover BAR’s yacht racing team and Renishaw are using 3D printing to produce yacht parts and compete in the America's Cup.

UFC Fighters Using 3D Printed Mouth Guards by Guardlab

Guardlab is the official mouth guard of the UFC; the company uses 3D scanning and 3D printing to offer cheaper, safer sports guards.

On Your Marks
3D Printing Goes for Gold in Rio Olympics

3D printing has had a big impact on the design of shoes for this year's Olympics in Rio, with direct input from athletes themselves.

Stable Winner
Bart Aernouts Wins Triathlons with 3D Printed Insoles by Phits

Bart Aernouts won two triathlons this year including the Lazarote Ironman and Challenge Roth with help from Phits 3D printed insoles.

3D Scanning to Make Safer NFL Helmets

Sports equipment company Riddell is setting new standards for safety in the the NFL's 2017 season with player-specific, form-fitting helmets.

Opening Pitch
Cleveland Indians’ Pitcher Starts Season in 3D Printed Cleats

Cleveland Indians' star pitcher Corey Kluber kicked off the season in New Balance cleats equipped with 3D printed plates.

3D printed cycling skinsuits
Speeding with a 3D Printed Full-Scale Mannequin

A research team of TU Delft produced a 3D full-sized mannequin of Olympic silver medalist Tom Dumoulin’s to test a series of new cycling skinsuits.

German Athlete Will Cycle at Paralymics with 3D Printed Leg

Denise Schindler, a German paralympic cyclist, is hoping to use a 3D printed leg prosthesis to race with in Rio de Janeiro this September.

NFL backs 3D Printed Helmet Material to Reduce Brain Injuries

A 3D printed material developed at Cardiff University to minimize the risk of brain injury has won $250,000 in funding in a competition backed by the NFL.