EinScan-SE 3D Scanner Review: Affordable High-End Scans

The EinScan-SE 3D from Shining 3D is a high-end 3D scanner at a fair price. Check out our EinScan-SE 3D scanner review to learn more!

3D Printer Review
Zortrax M200 Review: Easy to Use, Great Quality

Easy to use, easy to setup, great quality: The Zortrax M200 is a high-quality but not cheap 3D printer. For more details, read this Zortrax M200 review.

Autodesk 123D Catch Review
Autodesk 123D Catch Review

Autodesk's 123D Catch is an App for iOS, Android and Windows PC operating systems that can generate high-resolution 3D models using a series of photographs

Review Autodesk 123D Make
123D Make reviewed

Autodesk's 123D Make lets you create 3D objects by assembling parts made of cardboard or other stiff materials that can be digitally cut

3D Printer Review
Pharaoh ED Review: A 3D Printer Fit For a King?

Reviewing the Pharaoh ED 3D printer, with Delta Robot Technology that prints at faster speeds with lower levels of vibration and noise.

3D Printer Review
Da Vinci Jr. 3D Printer Review: Good for Beginners?

A 3D printer that costs just $349? Is it wise to buy such a low-cost model? Read our verdict in this Da Vinci Jr. 3D printer review.

Draw Your Thoughts
iSUN3d LTP4.0 Review: Safe & Simple 3D Pen For Kids

All3DP review the new iSUN3d LTP4.0 3D pen, an extremely safe and easy to use 3D pen with a low-temperature pen tip.

Review Autodesk 123D Circuits
Autodesk 123D Circuits Review

123D Circuits is a online circuit development and simulation tool. Autodesk offers it free of charge from the official 123DApp website - here’s our review.

Get Some Extra Inches for Your Prints
Ultimaker 2 Extended Review: The Big Brother

The popular and established Ultimaker 2 got a big brother. Read this Ultimaker 2 Extended review to find out how the test turned out.

3D printer review
Ultimaker 2 Review: Excellent for Makers & Pros

The Ultimaker 2 is one of the top printers available. Read All3DP's Ultimaker 2 review to find out if it is the right 3D printer for you.

Is this the right printer for beginners?
BeeTheFirst 3D Printer Review: First impression

BeeVeryCreative’s 3D printer BeeTheFirst is a nice printer, but it had it’s software issues. Victor Anusci from All3DP had a first look.

Professional 3D Printer
Projet 4500: Discovering 3D Systems Dream Factory

It’s unlikely that you buy this one for your home... but the "Projet 4500" might be the top solution if you want to use 3D printing for a small business.

3D Printing Service
3D Figures from YouLittle

Achieving immortality with a snazzy 3D statue of oneself? That was once an extravagant and time-consuming endeavor, but today it can be realized quickly, easily and with highly professional results. All3DP gave producing a 3D statue of oneself a trial run. Selfies with your cell? Get with it – that’s a thing of the past! […]