A Link To The Past
9 DIY Raspberry Pi SNES Classic Mini Cases to 3D Print Now

It‘s hard to get hold of the official SNES Classic Mini. So why not build a DIY Super Nintendo with a 3D printed Raspberry Pi SNES Case?

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Make a GameCube Classic Mini with Raspberry Pi & 3D Printing

Get ahead of the curve before Nintendo releases an official GameCube Classic Mini. Build one of your own with Raspberry Pi and 3D printing.

Power Up
Raspberry Pi Mini NES is Better than the Real Thing

Can't wait for the NES Classic Edition to hit stores? One enterprising chap 3D printed his very own Raspberry Pi Mini NES Classic Console.

Hold it in your hands
3D Print a Perfect Nintendo Switch Replica

Nintendo’s Switch will come out in March 2017. You can be one of the lucky ones to hold it in your hand now - by 3D printing a perfect replica.

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Why most Big Toy Companies Fear 3D Printing

3D printing has begun to change the world of toys as we know it. For the toy companies it may be the biggest challenge ever.