metal 3d printing

Exclusive Interview
Interview With Digital Metal: One Giant Leap For Small Metal 3D Printed Parts

All3DP sits down with Digital Metal's Alexander Sakraditis to talk about the company's high-precision metal 3D printer for small components.

HP Enters the Metal Ring
HP Teases Release of Metal 3D Printing Platform in 2018

Stephen Nigro, president of HP's 3DP business, claims that the tech giant has created a "novel 3D metal approach" that could surface in 2018.

Atomization Innovation
ATO One Atomization System Puts Power of Metal Powder Production in Your Hands

3D Lab unveils the ATO One, an office-sized atomization system that enables more cost-effective and faster production of metal powders. 

Bridge Over Troubled Metal
MX3D’s Long-Awaited 3D Printed Bridge Project Evolves & Progresses On

Originally started in 2015, MX3D and Autodesk share an update on their ambitious project to 3D print a functional steel bridge in Amsterdam.

Twisted Metal
NASA Engineers Test-Fires 3D Printed Rocket Engine Part

NASA successfully test-fired a 3D printed prototype rocket engine igniter made from two different metal alloys that are fused together.

Come Fly With Me
3D Printing Aluminum Alloys for Lighter, Fuel-Efficient Aircraft

HRL Laboratories in California have made a metallurgical breakthrough; a technique to successfully 3D print high-strength aluminum alloys.

Bigger and Better
GE Additive is Building the Largest Metal 3D Printer in the World

GE Additive has revealed it's building the world's largest metal 3D printer. The as yet unnamed machine is planned for release next year.

Need For Speed
3DEO Reduces Metal Printing Costs With “Intelligent Layering”

Los Angeles based company, 3DEO, is using a new technique called Intelligent Layering to help reduce the costs of metal 3D printing.

Leash of Life
Give a Dog a Bone (Implant) with 3D Printing

Leroy the Great Dane has a new "leash of life" thanks to a 3D printed titanium bone implant which helped him beat cancer.

Super Efficient, Reduced Emissions
3D Printed Automotive Parts Could Reduce CO2 Emissions

Lightweight automotive parts made with selective laser melting (SLM) 3D printing can improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

Metal Gear Solid
Orlas Creator 3D Metal Printer Launched at Formnext

OR Laser unveil the Orlas Creator, a new metal 3D printing system, at the Formnext trade show in Frankfurt, Germany.

Metal Printing Down Under
Australian University Acquires Groundbreaking LightSpEE3D Metal 3D Printer

Charles Darwin University is acquiring the LightSpEE3D printer, reportedly faster and cheaper than any metal 3D printer on the market. 

Manufacturing Worlds Collide
Collider Developing Compact and Affordable Metal 3D Printer

The Chattanooga startup Collider is developing the Orchid 3D printer, capable of producing metal objects comparable to injection molding.

Pedal To The Metal
Scientists Develop Breakthrough Process For Large Metal Prints

Scientists from the Lawerence Livermore National Laboratory are developing a process that print large metal objects faster than ever before.

Heavy Metal
Metal 3D Printing is About to Get Faster Thanks to Dissolving Supports

Arizona State University assistant professor has developed a method of dissolving supports to make end-to-end metal printing faster.