3D printing in medicine

Personalized Aids
PoleErgo Uses 3D Printers to Create Patient-Specific Prints for People with Mobility Disabilities

Therapist Guy Ehretsmann uses 3D printing to create customized objects for patients with mobility disabilities and set up company PoleErgo.

Less Ow!
Yona Care Will Make Trips to the Gynecologist Less Uncomfortable

Yona Care is offering a new speculum design, developed using 3D printing, which hopes to make gynecologist trips more enjoyable.

Saving Lives
3D Printed Neonatal Manikins with Simulated Organs Improve Surgical Success

Patient-specific neonatal manikins, created using 3D printing and 3D printed molds, help surgeons practice before heading into surgery.

Growth Industry
3D Printed Hydroponics to Grow Vegetables (or Marijuana)

Living in a big city, with concrete on all sides? Cultivate a bit of green on your windowsill with our guide to 3D printed hydroponics.

Better Diagnosis
3D Prints of Brain Scans Aids Doctors with Diagnosis and Treatment

3D printing brain scans could help doctors diagnose and treat brain tumors and has already changed what we know about MS lesions. 

Healing with Feeling
How to 3D Print a Lightweight Wrist Brace

If you've ever broken your hand, you'll know of the pain of wearing an uncomfortable wrist brace. 3D printing to the rescue!

Model Patient
Woman’s Skull Rebuilt with a Titanium 3D Printed Plate

Model and artist from Essex suffered from a seizure last year resulting in severe head injuries and the need for a titanium 3D printed plate.

3D Printing helps
20 Great 3D Prints for Easy Accessibility

There is no denying that 3D printing can make our lives easier. Below are inventions which can help you out on a daily basis either in a big or small way.

Help On-site
Med3DP: Disaster Relief with 3D Printable Medical Devices

Med3DP is an initiative in association with Trinity College Dublin which uses 3D printing to develop on-demand medical devices

Fact or Fiction?
Guide to 3D Bioprinting and 3D Printed Organs

What’s the current status of 3D printed organs? Read our guide to 3D bioprinting & 3D printing organ companies to get an overview.

Breathe Easy
Inhalo is a Stylish 3D Printed Asthma Inhaler

Available to download on Pinshape, Inhalo is a 3D printed asthma inhaler with a discreet design that's stylish and practical.

Open Source
3D Bioprinting For Just $1000

DIY Bioprinting is a great, cost effective way for smaller labs get started in Biotech. Here’s an overview of what’s happening in the open source scene.

Harold and The Purple Printer
3D Printed Braille Picture Books for Blind Children

University of Colorado team shares a 3D Printed Braille picture book to download and 3D print - because everyone needs more "Very Hungry Caterpillar".

Patient Prints
Osteo3D Creates Quick and Inexpensive Surgical Guides and Models

Osteo3D is a 3D printing company that offers a cloud-based service to create cost-effective surgical models for doctors in India

Smiles All Around
Formlabs Announces 2 New Materials for Dentistry, Partnership with 3Shape

Formlabs announces two new biocompatible resins and a partnership with 3Shape. Both could simplify 3D printing for dentists everywhere.