Should You Buy a Kickstarter 3D Printer?

Science & technology projects benefit from crowdfunding. But 3D printed medicine? For unwary backers there may be a bitter pill to swallow. Crowdfunding has brought us all kinds of 3D printed magic: Print2Taste, the Morpheus, and so many more. It basically never stops surprising. Now, we are being tempted with the possibility of perfectly proportioned […]

Just $99
PocketMaker 3D Printer Aims to Bring Affordable 3D Printing Into Your Home

PocketMaker, a newly launched Indiegogo campaign hopes to develop pocket-sized desktop 3D printing at an extremely affordable price.

Robot Rock
OhmniLabs Robot Made in PrintrBot 3D Printer Farm

Ohmni is a robot developed using Printrbot 3D printers which will make speaking to family easier, no matter where in the world you are.

Blood, Sweat and Concrete
Full-Scale, 3D Printed Replica of Dracula’s Castle is now on Kickstarter

If you ever dreamed about visiting a 3D printed replica of Count Dracula’s Castle in the US, here’s the perfect Kickstarter campaign for you.

Print in Color
ULIO Interview: All About the 3D Printer You Can 3D Print

Aimed at the STEM sector, ULIO is a 3D printer which can be 3D printed. All3DP spoke to creator Joseph Issa to learn more about the project.

Now on Indiegogo
Marty the Robot Teaches a New Generation of Robotocists

Looks like a toy, behaves like a professional: 3D printable toy robot "Marty" helps anyone, especially kids, explore the field of robotics.

3D Printed Toys
Connected, Smart, 3D Printed: The Future of Toy Cars

3D printing is already a big part of the toy car industry... soon it will be a lot more with 3D Racers and Materialise.

I Scream Ice Cream
Proto Labs Helped Develop 3D Printed Easiscoop Prototypes

Easiscoop and Easispread are self-heating kitchen utensils coming to IndieGoGo soon after creators developed prototypes with Proto Labs.

Big Vision
Skelmet Scans your Face to 3D Print Sunglasses for Perfect Fit

New company Skelmet uses 3D scanning and printing to make custom sunglasses that fit perfectly and don't weigh heavily on your face.

Safety Last
PayPal Eliminates Purchase Protection for Crowdfunding

Crowdfund at your own risk. With PayPal eliminating "Purchase Protection", will Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects become even more risky?

Hack it
Modular Nex Band Wearable Does Anything You Want

Nex Band wants you to hack their 3D printed wearable. If you can dream it, Nex can probably do it.

Not Meant to Bee...?
HiveHaven: 3D Printed Beehives Innovative but too Expensive

Fabulous bees need fabulous, sustainable 3D Printed Beehives. HiveHaven was making great strides, but now they've put the project on hold. What happened?

Quack Science
Is Crowdfunding 3D Printed Medicine a Good Idea?

Science & technology projects benefit from crowdfunding. But 3D printed medicine? For unwary backers there may be a bitter pill to swallow.