Stamping Paper
3D Printed Stamp Allows You to Put Harriet Tubman on Your $20 Bills

Hackday's Phillip Torrone and Adafruit's Limor Fried create 3D printed Harriet Tubman stamp to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. 

From Easy to Advanced
30 Coolest 3D Printer Projects You Can DIY

Looking for some cool 3D printer projects to DIY? Here are 30 of the coolest DIY projects you could make with a 3D printer.

Gotta STARTT Somewhere
Build a Cheap DIY 3D Printer Kit for $99: The iMakr STARTT

A DIY 3D printer kit for beginners, the STARTT stands apart for good reason: it costs just $99. Learn how to build your own with our guide.

How to Build a 3D Printer from Scratch
3 Best 3D Printer Plans to DIY (Prusa & RepRap)

So you want to build a RepRap 3D printer from scratch (not from a kit)? Here are the best 3D printer plans to start with.

Build them your own!
15 Fantastic DIY Robot Kits for Kids and their Parents

Looking for a fun project that suits the needs of kids and their parents? Here are the best DIY robots kits for kids to 3D print.

Weekend Project
SLS 3D Printer: How to Build Your Own

Always wanted your own SLS 3D printer? Hoping for a cheaper alternative to the industrial machines? Check out this DIY project on Wevolver.

Jam On!
15 Groovy Ideas for Homemade Musical Instruments to DIY

Playing instruments is fun, but building them yourself is even better. Why not DIY your own homemade instrument?

Faster then Phelps
Eclectical Engineers 3D Print an Underwater Ironman Jetpack

Wish you were Iron Man, only underwater? YouTube channel Eclectical Engineering made an underwater flight-suit with 3D printed propellers.

E3D Ultimaker 2 Extrusion Upgrade Kit Review: The Ultimate Ultimaker 2 Upgrade?

Enhancing an old workhorse with the E3D Ultimaker 2 Extrusion Upgrade Kit is a tantalising prospect. Read our detailed test and review.

Freshly Ground
Coffee Maker Transformed into a Delta 3D Printer

The crazy kids at Tropical Labs have devised a Delta style 3D printer by re-purposing the frame and heating element of a coffee maker.

Making a Lego World
Watch this YouTuber Assemble a Giant 3D Printed Lego Go-Kart

Matt Denton and his 8-year-old nephew assemble a regular Lego Go-Kart Kit 1972, alongside a 3D printed version which is five times larger.

IKEA Lack Hack
3D Printer “Printtable” Made From IKEA LACK Tables

In the wild and wonderful land of tinkering there are constant surprises - here‘s a working 3D printer made from IKEA lack tables.

Looks like a mess, but prints nice
Italian Student Builds a €10 3D Printer from Old Inkjet Printers and 3D Scanner

Want your own 3D printer but don't have the funds? An Italian student turned old inkjet printers into a €10 DIY 3D printer.

That's No Moon
Impressive Lunar Phase Clock Made with 3D Printing & Arduino

Behold the 3D printed lunar phase clock, made with Arduino and open source tools, that reflects the phases of the moon with LED lights.

Maker Creates Gigantic 3D Printed “LEGO” Electric Skateboard

James Burton from XRobots creates and rides a gigantic LEGO electric skateboard made with 3D printed bricks.