Flesh to Death
Hyperflesh 3D Prints Molds to Create “Disturbingly Realistic” Masks

Hyperflesh founder and creator Landon Meier uses Lulzbot 3D printing to speed up the process of developing giant hyperrealistic masks.

Different Strokes
3D Printing a New Twist on Famous Van Gogh Painting

Self-portrait by Vincent Van Gogh gets recreated with 3D printing thanks to collaboration between Custom Prototypes and the Van Gogh Studio.

It's Alive!
3D Printed Strandbeest Has Motor, Will Crawl

Besides being mini, this Strandbeest uses 3D printing and motors rather than the wind and PVC pipes for its locomotion.

Living on a Prayer
Stunning Stained Glass Window is 3D Printed from Plastic

When is a stained glass window not a stained glass window? When it's 3D printed and hand finished to look even better than the real thing.

Cloud Atlas
Artists Drzach and Suchy Create Beautiful 3D Printed “Shadow Cloud”

The Shadow Cloud by Drzach and Suchy is a 3D printed art piece which casts unusual shadows depending on the angle of illumination.

Satellite of Love
Signal Tide Makes Music with Alien Transmissions and 3D Printing

In space, no one can hear you sing; Signal Tide brings together extraterrestrial transmissions, generative music, and 3D printing.

Digital Humanities
Take a Virtual Reality Tour with UK Government Art Collection

Take a VR tour of a display at the UK Government Art Collection, the result of a collaboration with the Cultural Heritage team at Sketchfab.

Shine Bright
This Hypnotic Art Installation is Made Possible with 3D Printing

Singapore University professors use 3D printing to develop a stunning interactive structure for the iLight Marina Bay Festival, Singapore.

Bench Press
Benchmarks: Worktops Made into Beautiful Art with 3D Scanning & CNC Milling

Ghanian artist El Anatsui and Factum Arte have created a series of contemporary art prints called Benchmarks, featuring 3D scanned worktops.

The Next Picasso
ZMorph 3D Printer Learns To Draw Jazzy Images with Free DIY Pen Toolhead

ZMorph fan, Paolo Fiaschi, developed a pen toolhead for his older ZMorph printer which can draw any vortex shape or pattern and you can too.

World of Wonder
Morehshin Allahyari Recreates Artefacts Destroyed by ISIS with 3D Printing

With her latest exhibition, artist Morehshin Allahyari questions how to responsibly recreate ancient artefacts destroyed by ISIS.

The Art of Tomorrow
Heritage Science Project to Preserve 3D Printed Art

As more artists begin using 3D printing in their work, the need grows for heritage science to preserve their work for future generations.

This is as Good as 3D Printing Gets Today
Unbelievably Detailed 3D Printed Ogre Model Sculpted with Oculus VR

A talented Oculus character artist has shared an extremely detailed, 3D printed ogre which was modeled in Oculus Medium.

Celestial Bodies
3D Printed Bell Lights Up When #God is Mentioned on Twitter

#God is watching. Artist converts tweets about all-seeing space wizard into art exhibit using a 3D printed lamp and Raspberry Pi.

Lend Me Your Ears
3D Bioprinting the Lost Ear of Vincent van Gogh

Using 3D bioprinting and a DNA sample from 1888, an artist recreated the lost ear of Vincent van Gogh. And when you talk, the ear listens.