Aleph Objects

No Laughing Matter
LulzBot Mini Review: This Mighty 3D Printer Does the Job

The LulzBot Mini is an open-source desktop 3D printer which is an absolute joy to use on a day-to-day basis. Read our LulzBot Mini review.

Finally, There’s DIY Filament
iC3D and Aleph Objects Start Driving Open Source 3D Printer Filament

Home 3D printers have profited a lot from Open Source. iC3D and Aleph Objects are going the extra mile by open sourcing 3D printer filament.

Bargains Galore
After Black Friday Week: Great 3D Printer Deals Still Available!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be over, but you can still get some great 3D printer deals. Here are the best bargains we could find.

Virtual Insanity
Virtual Reality 3D Printing and New Cura 2 Lulzbot Edition Debut

Aleph Objects has new software on show at SIGGRAPH 2017; Cura 2 Lulzbot Edition Beta, and Virtual Reality 3D Printing on a Lulzbot Taz 6.

Print and Protect
OtterBox Releases uniVERSE Accessory Mount CAD Files

Release of uniVERSE accessory mount CAD is big news; creative community can now imagine and 3D print their own designs for OtterBox products.

Gears of More
How to Keep Your LulzBot Mini in Tip-Top Shape

It's a tidy powerhouse of a desktop 3D printer, but it still needs some TLC. Here are some Lulzbot Mini maintenance tips from Aleph Objects.

The Big One
Aleph Objects Unveil Lulzbot TAZ 6

Aleph Objects have unveiled their latest 3D printer in the LulzBot product line dubbed the LulzBot TAZ 6 just one year after the LulzBot TAZ 5

Lulzbot Got Bank
Aleph Objects Grows with New Office Expansion & Credit Line

With a brand new facility and huge credit line to its name, Aleph Objects is a picture of health for the desktop 3D printing industry.

Want MOAR performance?
Aleph Objects Announces New Lulzbot Pro Extruder at CES 2017

Lulzbot announced the "MOARstruder" tool head at CES 2017. With it, you can 3D print faster without compromising too much on print quality.

Just the Facts
Aleph Objects: Company Profile in 11 Facts

Looking for information on 3D printing company Aleph Objects? We‘ve accumulated the most important facts in this company profile.

Lots of Lulz
Aleph Objects Revenue Triples in 2015, New Products for 2016

The makers of the Lulzbot 3D printers go from strength to strength: Aleph Objects had tripled their revenue in 2015, with new products to come in 2016.