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30 Great Game of Thrones 3D Models to 3D Print

Looking for extravagant Game of Thrones props and models? We’ve scanned the 3D printing archives for the 24 best Game of Thrones 3D prints.

Gadgets Galore
36 Stunning Fallout Props & Toys to 3D Print

If you’re a Fallout geek (as we are), you can’t have enough props. Here are the best Fallout props for self-printing or printing services.

Post Apocalyptic Props
3D Printed Fallout Pip-Boy 3000: Make Your Own

The bad news that the limited edition Fallout 4 Pip-Boy is totally sold out. The good news is that you can simply 3D print your own.

Great Fan Items
10 Coolest Destiny Cosplay Props & Accessories to 3D Print

Destiny has a loyal fan base among gamers. Makers also are drawn to the exotic weaponry and items. Here are the best 3D printed Destiny props.

Ad Victoriam!
Fallout Fan 3D Prints Life-Sized Power Armor

This 3D printed Fallout power armor really is a piece of art. It took 140 hours and 120 lbs of filament to 3d print this 7-foot beauty.

Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads.
The 10 Best 3D Printed Props from “Back to the Future”

There are lots of great 3D printed props inspired by "Back to the Future". These are the ten coolest 3D printed props we could find.

Look Sharp
10 Epic 3D Printed Swords from Video Games and Movies

Every hero needs a blade: So, why not pick one from these ten great 3D printed swords?

Thing of the Week
Terminator Skull: 3D Print The Coolest Robot Skull

In the wake of "Terminator Genisys", there are great 3D printable Terminator designs. This 3D printed robot head is one of the coolest.

Print Them or Have them Printed
DIY Hearthstone Card: 9 Best Hearthstone Cards to 3D Print

There are fan-made Hearthstone items that are just top notch. Just look hat these 9 gorgeous 3D printed Hearthstone cards!

Game of Thrones
Cyvasse: 3D Print Your Game of Thrones

Want to play Cyvasse, the fictional board game from TV series Game of Thrones? Then take a look at this incredible fan project.

Gaming Classics for Your Desk
10 Cool 3D Printed Retro Gaming Statues & Figurines for Your Desktop

These 3D printed retro gaming figurines are made for your desktop. Meet Mario, Mega Man, Pac-Man, Elite’s Cobra Mk III and other classics.

Gaming Heroes
Vault Boy, Pikachu, Mario: Greatest 3D Printed Gaming Mascots

Gaming lives of its iconic characters. No wonder fans have designed a great variety 3D printed gaming mascots. Here are the best.

Star Wars
Star Wars: Fan memorabilia from a 3D printer

Tie Fighters, Yoda, Lightsabers or Storm Troopers: You can print out good looking Star Wars fan figurines yourself.

Han Printed First
18 Galactic Star Wars 3D Models & Props to 3D Print

Are you looking for a great Star Wars 3D model to 3D print? Here you can find great 3D models and 3D printed Star Wars props.

Video Games
Halo Energy Sword is Cutting Edge Cosplay

The 3D printed Halo Energy Sword is the ultimate cosplay prop for fans of the Master Chief. Devastating plasma beams not included.