10 Iconic Star Trek Models for 3D Printing

Star Trek Model

Star Trek enriched our pop culture with transporters, phasers, communicators and even replicators (the last two even became real). Here are the most iconic Star Trek models to 3D print. 

All these Star Trek models are downloadable for free and can be 3D printed in just several hours with a 3D printer. If you don’t have a 3D printer at hand, you can have the Star Trek 3D models printed by a professional 3D printing service. To get the best available price, please use All3DP’s price comparison service.

Star Trek Model #1: U.S.S. Enterprise


What is it? It‘s the iconic starship Enterprise from the original series (TOS), of course! This is a fully modular fully snap fit, no glue required. If you are interested in what Starfleet also has in store, you can find more than 50 Star Trek 3D model starships on this page. They are all made for 3D printing, but a little bit more difficult to assemble.

Difficulty level: Low.

Download this Star Trek 3D model here.

Star Trek Model #2: Communicator


What is it? This DIY Star Trek communicator model is more than just a ‘prop’ – you can make real cell phone calls with, thanks to the FONA Feather! This communicator model features a vibration motor, speaker, and microphone mounted inside the case. You can customize the buttons to call any number you want.

Difficulty level: High. You need some soldering skills. Assembly instructions and parts guide can be found at Adafruit.

Download the 3D printed Star Trek Communicator here.

Star Trek Model #3: Classic Phaser


What is it? It the standard Starfleet Phaser model, which had it‘s debut in the original TV series. The principle is simple: The directed-energy weapon emits energy in an aimed direction without the means of a projectile. It transfers energy to a target to either “stun” or “kill.”

Difficulty level: Easy.

Download this Star Trek 3D model from MyMiniFactory.

Star Trek Model #4: Combadge


What is it? It’s the thing you use when meetings get too boring. Press this 3D printed combadge, wait for the chirp and say “One to beam aboard.” Comes with instant gratification (and maybe you’ll be transported out of the meeting).

Difficulty level: Medium. There are electronics involved, but no soldering is required. Full tutorial here.

Download the Star Trek 3D model here.

Star Trek Model #5: Geordi Laforge Visor

Star Trek Model 3D Model Visor

What is it? This is a replica of the visor worn by LeVar Burton as Geordi Laforge on Star Trek: The Next Generation. This model was even signed by LeVar Burton at a Star Trek convention.

Difficulty level: Medium. You need glue a lot of brass rods to the 3D printed model.

Download this Star Trek visor model here.

Star Trek Model #6: Borg Cube


What is it? The first official contact with a Borg cube took place in 2365 when the USS Enterprise-D encountered a single cube in System J-25. It didn’t turn out nicely for Starfleet. This 3D printable Borg cube offers a lot of details. You can even add a layer of 3D printed pipes for more authenticity.

Difficulty level: Easy. Print the sides and glue them together.

Download this Borg Cube 3D model here.

Star Trek Model #7: Klingon Bat’leth


What is it? The “Sword of Honor” is a deadly weapon when used by a Klingon Warrior. It was introduced in the Star Trek lore by Worf in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Difficulty level: Easy. You can use Epoxy to get a smoother surface.

Download this Klingon Batleth 3D model here.

Star Trek Model #8: 3D Chess

Star Trek Model 3D Model Chess

What is it? Chess won’t go away in the 23rd century. You can see Spock and Kirk play a game of 3D chess in the episode “Where No Man Has Gone Before” or “Charlie X.” This is a 3D chessboard inspired by Star Trek, including a matching set of low profile chess pieces. It can be disassembled and transported easily. For “standard” rules of play, please visit this site.

Difficulty level: Easy. Print the pieces, glue them together and start playing.

Download this Star Trek 3D chess model here.

Star Trek Model #9: Spock – Live Long and Prosper


What is it? It’s a depiction of the Vulcan greeting, introduced by Spock in the original series. Pure iconic Star Trek.

Difficulty level: Easy. If this the easiest thing to print on this list.

Download this Star Trek 3D model at Pinshape.

Star Trek Model #10: Rank Pips


What is it? Become the Captain of a Starship, just like you always dreamed – or at least, look like one. Made to be true to size (approximately) to those aboard Federation ships!

Difficulty level: Easy

Download this Star Trek 3D model at MyMiniFactory.