Trick or Treat!

25 Spookiest 3D Printed Halloween Objects To Make At Home

3d printed Halloween
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Your 3D printer is in for a treat! Make your own spooky 3D printed Halloween objects for your costume, home, or office party. 

If you love 3D printing, then you’ll love these spooky Halloween STL file downloads you can use at home. Make your own Freddy Krueger glove, Bohemian skull lamp, or a ‘freaking adorable’ bat glow bracelet.

For starters, you’ll need your own 3D printer, since sending away for objects could take a few weeks. Get your materials ready, your printer warmed up, and get ready to 3D print your own Halloween fun!

3D Printed Halloween Object #1: Jack-O-Lantern

Jack-O-Lantern 3D print

This scary Jack-O-Lantern will be the first thing people see on your porch or in your window. Why carve a pumpkin when you can 3D print one instead? It’s the perfect Halloween decoration to greet your trick-or-treaters.

Get it here free.

 3D Printed Halloween Object #2: Death Head Cane

3D printed death head cane

This cool Death Head Cane is great for the yard or inside the house. Decorate the hat on top of the skull to add a little pizazz to this creepy character and put him anywhere you see fit.

Get it here free.

3D Printed Halloween Object #3: Harry Potter Elder Wand

Harry Potter Elder Wand Halloween 3D Print

This 3D printed Elder Wand is for any Harry Potter fan who wants the ultimate power of the wizards. If you think you can handle one of the ‘Deathly Hallows,’ then print this magical wand for yourself.

Get the wand here for free.

3D Printed Halloween Object #4: The Mask 

Jim Carrey The Mask 3D print

So you’re a fan of Jim Carrey’s famous transformation into a wild, crazy cartoon in the 90s hit movie ‘The Mask’? This colorful mask is great for costumes or maybe just for decorating your wall. Get ready to Halloween P-A-R-T,  Y? Because you gotta!

Get yours here for free.

3D Printed Halloween Object #5: Freddy Krueger Glove

3d printed Freddy Krueger Glove

This freaky Freddy Krueger glove is the perfect 3D print for when you’re still a diehard fan of Nightmare on Elm Street. Start by printing this terrifying glove and the rest of the costume will sort itself out.

Check it out here free.

3D Printed Halloween Object #6: Wall Mounted Cyclops Eyes

Wall mounted 3D printed Cyclops Eyes

These ugly Wall Mounted Cyclops Eyes are a great decoration for any Halloween party or even your front door. Shock your guests with these creepy little bloodshot eyes that stare right back at them.

Grab the print here free.

3D Printed Halloween Object #7: Minecraft Jack-o-Lantern

3d printed Minecraft Jack-O-Lantern

This Minecraft Jack-O-Lantern adds a nice, geeky twist to the traditional carved pumpkin face. Put this toothy-smiled decoration in your window to welcome fellow gamers to your door.

Download it here free.

3D Printed Halloween Object #8: The Joker Mask

3D printed Joker Mask

This Joker Mask is downright terrifying and adds a very sinister element to your Haunted House or Halloween costume. It’s probably better for teens or adults since you might scare the kids!

Find it here.

3D Printed Halloween Object #9: Satan’s House # 666

666 Satan's 3D printed door number

Satan’s House #666 is perfect for striking fear into the heart of visitors. This printable house number is easy to make and can be hung anywhere.

Download the file here.

3D Printed Halloween Object #10: Freaking Adorable Glow Stick “Glo-Bobs”

3d printed Halloween charm glow bracelets

These Freaking Adorable Glow Stick “Glo-Bobs” are perfect for kids. Who doesn’t want a glowing little bat or ghost on a bracelet? Get one of these and get ready for the Halloween party!

Get the design to make one here free.

3D Printed Halloween Object #11: Bohemian Murderer Skull Lamp

3D printed Bohemian Skull Lamp

The Bohemian Murderer Skull Lamp is for those people who want something scary but wouldn’t dare put some cheesy skull in their house. This fashionable lamp adds a Bohemian, Halloween feel to any room in a festive, yet tasteful way.

Get yours here.

3D Printed Halloween Object #12: Demonic Skull Crown and Tiara

3d printed Skull & Bones Crown and Tiara

The Demonic Skull Crown and Tiara is for the woman who has it all – and wants to look glamorously gory when she goes out for Halloween. It’s a creepy combo of a Satanic skull and a prom queen tiara for the perfect zombie costume.

Grab it here.

3D Printed Halloween Object #13: Jack-O-Pus Lamp

3D printed Jack-O-Pus Lamp

The Jack-O-Pus Lamo is the weirdest Halloween accessory you never knew you needed. This orange little Jack-O-Lantern sits atop some scraggly green octopus tentacles. So which is it – plant or animal? Who cares – it looks freaking cool!

Get the design here.

3D Printed Halloween Object #14: Skeleton Lamp

Scary Skeleton 3d printed Lamp

This Skeleton Lamp looks like something Skeletor from the 80s would have carried around to frighten He-man away. It’s easy to assemble with only two pieces and will light the way on your dark Halloween night.

Download the print here.

3D Printed Halloween Object #15: Aquatic Castle of Grayskull 

3d printed Castle of Grayskull for Aquarium

The Aquatic Castle of Grayskull goes perfectly in any fish tank or aquarium. It allows your pets to get into the Halloween spirit with a spooky Castle of Grayskull from ‘He-man,’ the 80s classic cartoon on the battles between good and evil.

Get it for free here.

3D Printed Halloween Object #16: Good Old Fred Tombstone

3d printed Halloween Tombstone

The Good Old Fred Tombstone is what every Haunted House needs. Even though Fred met his unfortunate demise, you can still put his tombstone in your front yard to make it look more like a spooky graveyard. RIP Fred – whoever he was!

Find it here for free.

3D Printed Halloween Object #17: Instant Doofus Pumpkin Teeth

3d printed Pumpkin Teeth

Instant Doofus Pumpkin Teeth are easier than carving and turn your pumpkin into an instant laughing stock. Who can resist a big, toothy Jack-O-Lantern grin with dentures?

Print the design here.

3D Printed Halloween Object #18: Kongo’s Bugging Eyeballs

3d printed Bugging Eyeballs

Kongo’s Bugging Eyeballs are perfect if you don’t buy into the notion of looking attractive at the Halloween party. These gigantic bloody eyeballs look like they’re popping right out of your head. Feel free to carry around some Visine eye drops..

Get the download here.

3D Printed Halloween Object #19: Bust of Pinhead 

3d print Pinhead Hellraiser

The Bust of Pinhead is ideal if you just need some reminders of the movie Hellraiser before dozing off to sleep. This ultra creepy, realistic looking bust is fun to assemble with its 100 pins, but looks as horrific as it sounds. Have fun.

Find it here.

3D Printed Halloween Object #20: Spider Webs

3d printed Spider Webs

These Printed Spider Webs can be hung anywhere to make the environment instantly scarier. What’s that you say? You forgot to buy cobwebs for the classroom or the office? Not to fear – these are ready in a spidery flash of 20 minutes!

Get the print here.

3D Printed Halloween Object #21: Spooky Little Ghosts

3d printed Ghost Emoji

These Spooky Little Ghosts can be printed with glow in the dark material and are great decorations for anywhere. Make your kids’ rooms a little more fun or hang these glow-in-the-dark ghost emojis outside your house to welcome guests.

Get yours for free here.

3D Printed Halloween Object #22: Scary Little Skeleton

Scary Skeleton 3d print

This Scary Little Skeleton is made up of individual pieces that easily snap together. His whole body moves just like a real skeleton, even his finger joints. While this is a more complicated piece, the end result is definitely worth it.

Get the design here.

3D Printed Halloween Object #23: Zombie Finger Zipper Magnet

3d printed Zombie Zipper Magnet

Get this Zombie Finger Zipper Magnet to hold up your To-do lists on the fridge or maybe your favorite photos. It’s a fun addition to your bulletin board or maybe for the breakroom.

Find the design here.

3D Printed Halloween Object #24: Elegant Venetian Mask

3D printed Venetian Mask

This Elegant Venetian Mask is your fashionable entrance to the Halloween party. Its beautiful design can be printed in several colors to go with a ladies Venetian Carnival gown; the mask can be easily fixed with elastic or string.

Get yours here.

3D Printed Halloween Object #25: Chandelier of Fear

3D printed Chandelier of Fear

The Chandelier of Fear is just the thing to spice up an ordinary room to make it look like something out of the Adam’s Family. Hang it anywhere and add some fake cobwebs for an authentic haunted look.

See how to print it here.