3D Printed Figurines

Nudees: 3D Printed Naked Versions of Yourself


Surely naked 3D printed selfies are narcissism at its finest? But it seems that 3D printed figurine service Nudee is here to stay and there’s certainly no going back now.

Quirky UK retailer Firebox has brought the Nudee service to us. All you need to get your hands on your own naked body is simply send in two selfies of your face.

“With Nudees we wanted to represent all body sizes. Everyone,” Emily Herriott, head of Personalised gifts at Firebox.com, said in a statement. “No one shape is better than any other. We’re all different and that is what makes us all great. Reclaim your body and don’t follow friends, fads, or fears.”

There may be some questions surrounding what your Nudee can be used for. A gym motivator or a sexy present? The company say on their website: “Whether it’s of you, your crush, or your boss it’s the ultimate narcissist’s desk accessory to finally prove that size doesn’t matter.” Just make sure your selfies don’t end up in the hands of your enemies.

How to Create Your Own Nudee Figurine

firebox1Thankfully, for some anyway, you don’t have to upload any photos of your naked self; you can select your model’s body based on your own preferences.

The company said on the page: “Using some very futuristic 3D print technology our eagle-eyed sculptors will carve every crevice of your delicate dome and merge it onto one of our six extreme beautiful (almost) naked body types. All you need to do is upload two high-resolution photos of your head (one from the front and one from the side) we’ll then get to business of undressing you.”

After uploading your selfies, you can begin the process of choosing your preferred body.

You can choose from three sizes – slim, muscular or curvy – in either a male or female form. The models will be matched to your skin tone based on the pictures your provided.

However, some bad news for glasses-wearers and people with long hair is that smaller intricate details can not be recreated on a 3D printer just yet.

Sounds good so far? Something you may want to take into consideration is the price tag. For a 20cm-tall model you can expect to pay £149.99 (€199.99) and will also have to wait 3 to 4 weeks. As well as this, delivery is also currently limited to the UK and there is absolutely no return policy.

If you’re still interested, then check out the website here and let us know what you think in the comments.