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We host comment sections on our stories to encourage discussion, debate, and healthy critique of the work we do.

If you want to participate, welcome aboard! But note that we want our comments section to be a welcoming place. That means be nice to each other and keep it on-topic. And if you don’t want to be nice, at the very least be civil and on-topic.


Any comments that run counter to the simple mantra above will be subject to our moderation policies as follows:

  • No hate speech/inflammatory language
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  • No politics (we are a 3D printing site after all)

As a general rule of thumb, ask yourself the following:

  • Is it on-topic?
  • Is it contributing to or creating a discussion?

We maintain a long list of trigger words and actions that will hold a comment back for moderation. Choose your language carefully if you want to add to the discussion in a timely manner.

Mods are the Law

Moderation is entirely at the discretion of the moderators and our general following of the rules outlined above. Most comments are published immediately. The few that trigger our screening tools are fenced off until human eyes have determined them as in keeping with our moderation policy. Accounts that post comments that breach these rules will be warned or banned at our discretion.

Talk to Each Other

While we strive to give helpful feedback and answers to comments, we cannot reply to every question and query. We’re sure our community is awesome enough to help itself out though, so ask away and prompt discussion where there is none.