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3D Printed Candle Holder

Candle holder

Bougeoir1I love candles and I use tons of them inside the house and outdoors. I have become somewhat of a candleholder collector. There are so many interesting and beautiful designs but not all of them are terribly useful. Some of them tip over too easily. Just the other day I ran across this cool 3D printed candleholder on Sculpteo created by designer Ackbahr. I immediately recognized how useful it could be for outdoor as well as indoor use.

These tea light and candle holders are designed to be used on wardrobe handles to add light to a room. They slip right over the rounded bar. They work great on the bamboo poles we have around our terrace and deck. We have used them for several outdoor parties and were really satisfied. Bougeoir2

The holders are available from Sculpteo in different materials: plastic, resin, and alumide; they can also be 3D printed in silver metal. Plastic holders come in a range of colors. The cost for these handy little tea light holders run from €11 to €32 per unit depending on the material you select; the metal/silver holders cost €475.

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