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3D Printers Compared

Aniwaa Compares Specifications of 850+ 3D Printers

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by Anatol Locker
Sep 29, 2015

If you’re looking to compare 3D printers, you can use the services of Aniwaa. They compare specifications of more than 1.300 3D printers, scanners and services. 

A decade ago, you could only buy extremely expensive 3D printers. A professional 3D printer for $100.000 was considered a bargain. Around 2010 Makerbot and Ultimaker presented the first affordable home printers, which made 3D printing affordable for everyone.

Since last year, 3D printers are everywhere. Currently, there are more than 850 3D printers on the market to choose from. Also, printers and scanner companies looking for money on crowdfunding platforms on a weekly basis.

Specifications of 850+ Printers Compared

Infographics 3D printers overview Aniwaa

One company who wants to make this market transparent is Aniwaa. The 3D printing data company wants to enable users to search, compare and purchase hundreds of products from across the 3D printing spectrum. Their website is currently in beta, but gives a clear view on where Aniwaa wants to go.

Built on a database spanning more than 1,300 products, the website wants to help users find the match for their project. The site not only aggregates the data of 3D printers, but also of scanners, printing sites, software and even printing services (i.e. All3DP’s price comparison service is listed there).

Useful Filters, but no Kickstarter Printers Yet

Aniwaa - website illustration

You can apply filters to the system, just in case you are looking something special. Current filter categories are price, technology, materials, layer thickness and special features. The site also provides a rating for products, which are assembled ratings from different sources; but you won’t find in-depth editorial reviews of 3D printers yet. Currently there are no funded Kickstarter 3D printers on Aniwaa – like the very popular Tiko 3D.

Aniwaa wants users to make more educated decisions in an ever evolving sector. “As more and more people are looking to embrace and use this new technology, Aniwaa is focused on helping them find the right products”, said Pierre­Antoine Arrighi, co­founder of Aniwaa.

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