More Flowers, Please!

5+ Adorable 3D Printed Vase Designs

3d printed vase

You’d probably have more fresh flowers around if you only had the fitting vase. This will change with a 3D printed vase – here are some great designs. 

You don’t even need a 3D printer to get one of these 3D printed vases. You can have them shipped to you by a 3D printing service shop, where it will 3D printed just for you. If you choose a free model and want to have it 3D printed, please use our 3D Printing Price Comparison.

3D Printed Vase #1: Clip on Vase


What’s special? This is an interesting IKEA Hack. This 3D printed vase consists of an IKEA POKAL and VÄNLIG glass (or any other glass with a diameter of 86-87 mm) and a 3D printer part. Just a simple click is required to convert your glass into an aesthetically pleasing vase.

You find more interesting IKEA hacks right here.

Where can I get it? It’s a creation from designer aleksandar (3Dalex). You can find it at Shapeways.

Buy it or print it? Buy this 3d printed vase for €41.73.

3D Printed Vase #2: Wallflower Vase


What’s special? This is one of the designs which lets the flowers really stand out. This holder, when mounted on a wall, turns a test tubes into a vase. It’s designed for test tubes with a 16 mm diameter. Test tubes are very cheap and available online or at your local pharmacy.

Where can I get it? At Shapeways. Also, you need to buy the test tubes for the 3D printed vase – and the flowers, obviously.  

Buy it or print it? Buy this 3d printed vase for €26.99.

3D Printed Vase #3: Wave Vase


What’s special? These beautiful 3D printed vases are relatively easy to print with a regular home printer. Currently, there are four different versions, which can be 3d printed without support. Dial in a 0.3mm layer height and they still look cool.

Where can I get it? At Thingiverse.

Buy it or print it? Designer Martin Zampach, who usually works for bigger clients, put his designs on Thingiverse for free. Thanks, Martin!

3D Printed Vase #4: Paper Ship

paper-ship-580x580 a_Fotor

What’s special? This 3D printed vase in form of a paper ship is wall mountable. You can also scale the design to different sizes – and, of course, use the vase for other objects.

Where can I get it? Download it at 3D Shook.

Buy it or print it? Both. First, the design file will cost you $4, then you can 3D print it at home.

3D Printed Vase #5: Design Libero Lace Vases


What’s special? Designer Libero Rutilo created a collection of design vases combining upcycling and 3D printing technology. If you have an old, unused 0,5-liter PET bottle, you can simply put the vase over the bottle. The idea was to create a vase conserving only its silhouette. The vase itself represents an external shell with an inner neck fillet so that it can be screwed onto a bottle like a cap. The 3D printed structure dresses the bottle and makes it disappear under its mesh. Read more about it here.

Where can I get it? At Tessa’s Curated Boutique.

Buy it or print it? Buy the digital design for $10, then 3D print it or have it printed.

3D Printed Vase #6: 3D Voronoi Vase


What’s special? “Voronoi patterns” are quite typical for 3D printing. They are easy to generate with mathematical models and often professionally used to get interesting textures and use less material . This 3D printed vase comes with a 10cm hollow tube on top for a few flowers and water.

Where can I get it? At Dizingof.

Buy it or print it? You can buy the design file for $9,90.

3D Printed Vase #7: Julia Vase #011 – Heatwave


What’s special? Extravagant flowers may need some extravagant vases. This Julia vase by designer Virtox is the part of a whole vase collection.

Where can I get it? At Thingiverse

Buy it or print it? The download for this 3d printed vase design is free.