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Trick or Treat

Top 13 Scary Things to 3D Print Halloween

It's the season of frightful delights! 3D print Halloween with these scary things; you'll be the life and (undead) soul of the monster mash.

Well folks, it’s that time of the year again.

The season for all-night marathons of scary movies.

For pelting your neighbor’s windows with eggs (even after they gave you candy).

And to go to a party dressed as a sexy poop emoji.

But wait, what about 3D printing? When it comes to making costume props or scary trinkets, the good old FDM machine is your perfect partner in crime.

Print your own pumpkins, ghosts, skeletons, and much much more. Dazzle, delight, and astound your friends and family. Or just, you know, do it because the spirit moves you.

But fabricating these designs may require some planning in advance; our advice is to fire up that 3D printer as soon as you can.

So get your materials ready, your printer warmed up, and choose from one of these scary things that go bump in the night!


3D Print Halloween Boneheads Skull Box with Brain

Image of 3D Print Halloween: Boneheads Skull Box with Brain

We just love the Skull Box from 3DKitbash. It’s utterly pointless, but utterly disgusting. Perfect for Halloween, in other words! This model features a no-supports design and prints as a single part that folds into a box. Once folded you can secure the skull lid with the handy clamps located on both the left and right side of the skull. For ghoulish cargo, the Skull Box also comes with a 3D printable brain that fits nicely into the cozy cranium.

Download from Thingiverse


3D Print Halloween Kongo's Bugging Eyeballs

Image of 3D Print Halloween: Kongo's Bugging Eyeballs

Make googly eyes at the Bride of Frankenstein with Kongo’s Bugging Eyeballs. Thoughtfully designed with embossed veins, which you can trace along when adding paint. Alas, soothing eye drops not included.

Download from Thingiverse


3D Print Halloween Zipper Magnet

Image of 3D Print Halloween: Zipper Magnet

The zipper magnet is a magnet for your refrigerator with a chilly motif; it looks like it’s zipped open with a finger pointing out to a note. Is the finger coming from inside the fridge? Is it coming from another dimension? Who knows, but you’d better not forget to buy some milk on the way home tonight.

Download from Thingiverse


3D Print Halloween Little Pumpkins

Image of 3D Print Halloween: Little Pumpkins

Here we have nine low-poly pumpkins ready to be printed for Halloween. They’re quick and easy, require no supports, and can be stacked by snapping them together. For the final ghoulish effect, LEDs can be inserted through the bottom. Designer David Hagemann has even given them names; Chompy, Slurpy, Crushy, Piercy, Slicey, Crunchy, Munchy, Smoochy, and Squashy.

Download from Thingiverse


3D Print Halloween Customizable Head Stone

Image of 3D Print Halloween: Customizable Head Stone

What could be more useful than a grave stone? A customizable grave stone, that’s what. Being able to compose a text of your choosing opens up a wealth of possibilities… Not least of which is cruelly shattering the hopes of Elvis Aaron Presley’s most loyal fans.

Download from Thingiverse


3D Print Halloween Mario Boo

Image of 3D Print Halloween: Mario Boo

Anyone with a passing familiarity with Super Mario Brothers will instantly recognize this toothy little fellow. Mario Boo is perfect for housing delicious treats at your next Halloween party. Also comes in handy for scaring away those pesky plumbers. Paint the eyes and tongue for the final lick of authenticity.

Download from Thingiverse

Braaaaaaains will inevitably be a recurring theme if you want to 3D print Halloween. You’ve seen the Skull Box earlier, and here we have Frankenstein’s Monster who also comes with a removable noggin. Pick one, or print both, it’s entirely up to you. Braaaaaaaaains.

Download from Thingiverse


3D Print Halloween Ghost Bat

Image of 3D Print Halloween: Ghost Bat

The fluttering emissary of Dracula makes an ideal addition to your Halloween decorations this year. Ghost Bat has multiple loops along his spine and wings, so you can hang him in multiple orientations. All you need is a push pin and a fishing line.

Download from Thingiverse


3D Print Halloween Teeth for a Venus Box

Image of 3D Print Halloween: Teeth for a Venus Box

This is a spooky remix of another design on Thingiverse, the Venus Box. The original model opens and closes with a rotating iris. This embellishment adds some sharp, drooling fangs to the mix. Genuinely creepy!

Download from Thingiverse


3D Print Halloween Demon Baby Halloween Prop

Image of 3D Print Halloween: Demon Baby Halloween Prop

As scary Halloween costumes go, the demon baby is incredibly effective. It’s also very, very easy to make. How easy? All you need is a big belly, a tight T-shirt, and a 3D printer. And if you’re lacking the prerequisite girth, just stuff a cushion up there.

Download from Thingiverse


3D Print Halloween Skull Lantern

Image of 3D Print Halloween: Skull Lantern

Need a light to guide you through the month of October to All Hallow’s Eve? This eerie Skull Lantern is just the ticket. Instead of a flickering flame, there’s a glowing skull wedged in the cage.

Download from Thingiverse


3D Print Halloween Graphica Mega Ghost

Image of 3D Print Halloween: Graphica Mega Ghost

Oh boy. This little sucker has an obscenely long tongue, and one that’s not immediately obvious until you interact with it. The offending appendage is concealed inside the body of the ghost, and operates on a print-in-place hinge. As a bonus, the Graphica Mega Ghost can also be wall-mounted.

Download from Thingiverse


3D Print Halloween Frankenstein Light Switch

Image of 3D Print Halloween: Frankenstein Light Switch

The humble light switch gets a stylish upgrade with this gothic artifact. Scream and laugh like a maniac before drawing electricity from the grid to illuminate your den of shadows. POWER! MORE POWER! MORE 3D PRINT HALLOWEEN IDEAS! BWAH-HA-HA-HA!

Download from Thingiverse

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